FIA- Formula E Comes back to New York

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Every kid experiences that “rush” from going fast; whether it be a go-kart, bicycle or scooter.  Some of us never shake it.  In fact, entire industries of motorsports exist based upon this simple premise: speed.  

For more than a century, drivers and manufacturers have done almost anything to garner the checkered flag.  At the pinnacle of the sport is Formula 1 motorsports.  However, this fierce competition has its advantages.  In the pursuit of victory, engineers and manufacturers push the proverbial envelope seeking that elusive advantage. Many of these innovations eventually trickle down to us.  Ever hear of carbon fiber, disc brakes, traction control, tire treads, paddle gearboxes and so on and on?  All state of the art when developed yet truly functional in everyday applications and safety.

So, it is no surprise the folks at FIA (the motorsports governing body) have invested substantial energies (pun intended) into Formula-E; an all-electric racing series now in its fifth season.  Their catchphrase is apt:  “Friendly On The Track, Fierce On The Track”.

FIA Formula E Racing New York
Photos by FIA Formula E Media Page

Formula-E is back in the Big Apple for the epic double-header season finale on July 13th and 14th.  Witness 22 drivers and 11 teams battle over two races in what is developing into a highly contested season.  NFL parity eat your heart out.

FIA Formula E Comes Back to New York
Photos by FIA Formula Media

Whether or not you are a “gear-head”, that weekend over at Red Hook, Brooklyn cannot disappoint.  E-Village, Formula-E’s immersive fan festival at the heart of the circuit is geared to offer families a warm introduction to the sport.  

Experience the latest innovations of cars and technology from some of the world’s biggest car companies while enjoying some of the best streets eats in the Taste Zone.  Fans also have an opportunity to meet the drivers and get merchandise autographed.  All while beautiful New York harbor serves as the backdrop.  

As for us “gear-heads” – yes, those cars do go pretty fast!  

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