An Exotic Sailing Adventure is the Perfect Gift

by | Dec 22, 2018 | Featured, Holiday Gift Guide, Travel

This holiday season, give a truly unique gift: an exotic sailing adventure on the Dunia Baru. A hand-crafted Indonesian sailing vessel carries guests in total luxury around remote and beautiful archipelagos. Constructed in Borneo and echoing the traditional design of Asian vessels, this luxury sailing ship sails the waters around Indonesia and the Andaman Sea. The ship carries 14 passengers, and your trip is tailored to your every whim. Current offerings include a 5– and 6–day cruises in the Komodo Archipelago or Raja Ampat.

Exotic sailing adventure on the Dunia Baru CREDIT: Tom van Oossanen

Exotic sailing adventure on the Dunia Baru
Photo by Tom van Oossanen

The five-day exotic sailing adventure in the Komodo archipelago includes observing Komodo dragons, swimming with Manta Rays, and relaxing on pristine beaches. This adventure gives you and 13 of your closest friends the opportunity to escape the modern world. Swim in warm turquoise waters, dive and snorkel among some of the most beautiful reefs on the planet, and seek out the fabled Komodo dragons. You’ll spend your days kayaking along deserted shorelines and climbing island mountains. You will sail the waters of Komodo National Park, observing exotic wildlife both above and below the water. On the island of Rinca, Komodo’s smaller neighbor, you will have the chance to walk through the dragon’s territory with a nature guide. Watersports like jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling and diving are available.

The six-day cruise around Raja Ampat is a very special holiday which includes snorkeling among almost 1,000 species of reef fish. One third of the number of hard coral species are found in these waters.

The master suite on the Dunia Baru

The master suite on the Dunia Baru. Photo by Dennis Anderson

Your exotic sailing adventure has every luxury. The master suite is surrounded by large windows, and has a large bath and a private deck with a daybed and sofa. Six guest cabins are fitted with double beds and are bathed in natural light and relaxed luxury. Chefs prepare gourmet meals and guests can gather in the eat-in galley kitchen or the spacious dining area on deck.

Sailing on the Dunia Baru is truly the exotic sailing adventure of your dreams and makes the perfect holiday gift.





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