Eve Robinson Pays Homage to Virginia Woolf at the 47th Annual Kips Bay Show House

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Eve Robinson is a New York-based designer known for creating gorgeous interiors that stand the test of time. Her work features traditional elements infused with a modern aesthetic where textures, finishes, and colors meld in the most elegant manner possible. Robinson recently designed one of the most stunning rooms on view at this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Below, Robinson gives us a glimpse into how it all came about.

Eve Robinson.

Downtown: We loved your room at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House! What was your design concept?

Eve Robinson: Calling my space ‘A Room of One’s Own’ pays homage to Virginia Woolf’s renowned feminist novel and also expresses my design philosophy. Interiors need to reflect the people who inhabit them. They become rich, interesting, and dynamic when one’s personality is shared and celebrated. I wanted to create a woman’s sanctuary that was soothing, sophisticated, and peaceful. The room was meant to support a woman who juggles the responsibilities of work, family, and home. The desk provides an area to do work, the seating area is perfect for entertaining friends, or even a great place for quiet reflection. It is a room that I wanted her to feel special in.

Downtown: Can you describe the space prior to your remodel?

ER: The room was in dire need of a renovation. I removed some dilapidated shelving and concealed closets in order to have more wall space to display art. The old moldings had no style and were not in keeping with the elegant feeling I knew the room could have. The fireplace had a terrible shelf above it as a makeshift mantle.

Downtown: How many times have you participated in the show house at this point, and what keeps drawing you back?

ER: This is my 8th time participating in the Kips Bay Show House. It is a tremendous honor to be included. I love the challenge of composing and curating an interior in such a short time frame with the added bonus that it will be on display for all to see immediately after. It is one of the most exciting (and stressful) projects a designer can do! I also am deeply committed to the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club’s mission.

Design by Eve Robinson for the Kips Bay Show House; Photograph by Marco Ricca.
Design by Eve Robinson; Photograph by Marco Ricca.

Downtown: The color palette was exquisite. How did you achieve such impact with such subtle hues?

ER: I loved the idea of composing a soft color palette of creams, blushes, and greys because they exude femininity. I believe they are so successful because of the mix of different textures and the use of luminous materials.

Downtown: We love the addition of metal accents and gold leaf, tell us about why you brought these accents into the space?

ER: The accents of gold throughout the room create an ethereality that adds importance. The gold reflects light and sparkles. The gold leaf cascades down the fireplace chimney breast and is subtly echoed in the wallpaper. Many of the pieces of furniture have bronze or brass accents. The gold is a wonderful tool that helps guide your eye around the room.

Downtown: Please tell us about the fireplace surround, it is absolutely gorgeous!

ER: I asked Miriam Ellner to create the Verre Eglomise on the fireplace chimney breast. Gold leaf was applied to back painted mirror in an asymmetrical pattern. The lightness of the back painted mirror with the gold leaf creates a magical union. Miriam’s work is stunning, and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Downtown: We fell in love with your custom pieces—especially the desk and sofa. What was your inspiration, why did you choose those particular shapes, and what do you feel they add to the room?

ER: I wanted the furniture to evoke a woman’s sensuality and thus chose for the desk and settee to have soft curved lines. A vintage settee I found served as our inspiration for the new design. I liked the idea of using polished lacquer and metal on the desk to create luminosity and richness. The bright white top with soft edges has a grey base that is balanced by a bronze leg.

Design by Eve Robinson for Kips Bay Decorator Show House; Photograph by Marco Ricca.
Design by Eve Robinson; Photograph by Marco Ricca.

Downtown: Where are the wallcovering and curtain fabric from? We love that they are neutral yet add some rich texture!

ER: The wallpaper is from Alpha Workshops. It has a wonderful layered texture and glow. The curtain fabric, like all the fabric in the room, is from Holly Hunt. It is soft, nubby, and deliciously inviting to touch.

Downtown: What was your crowning achievement with this room?

ER: I am so grateful to my team and the vendors who seamlessly collaborated with me to create this wonderful room. In addition, I am really proud of how the room captured the ethereal strength of women. It is a warm, inviting, luminous space that anyone can feel special in. We all deserve to feel good!

Downtown: Tell us about the seating, the side tables, rug, chandelier, and the coffee tables! We can’t get over how well they all go together.

ER: I fell in love with the pair of vintage Gianfranco Frattini for Cassini lounge chairs from Donzella. They have an unusual and pleasing wood arm design that is ultra chic. R & Company’s Pierre Yovanovitch Frog Chair has the most yummy boucle alpaca fabric on it. R & Company also represents Jeff Zimmerman who created the incredible hand-blown glass chandelier that is both feminine and bold. The “Glacier” rug by Crosby Street Studio is wool and silk and completely dreamy. I love mixing cotemporary pieces with vintage ones. The thick white marble topped end table by KGBL has delicate bronze legs. The vintage pair of triangular coffee tables that I found at Van Den Akker Antiques have the original lovely blue glass tops. Bernd Goeckler graciously loaned me the stunning pair of elegant brass-and-glass end tables that flank the armchairs by the fireplace.

Downtown: Where did you find the art piece—it looks like it was made for the space!

ER: I was very fortunate to collaborate with the art consultant, Wendy Cromwell of Cromwell Art LLC. We have assembled a powerhouse of fantastic artists. Flanking the fireplace are a pair of paintings by Landon Metz available through the Sean Kelly Gallery. Behind the sofa are two black-and-white floral photographs by Bing Wright who is represented by the Paula Cooper Gallery, and on the south wall is a stunning luminous purple painting by Kate Shepherd through Galerie Lelong.

Downtown: What did you most love about participating in this year’s Kips Bay Show Decorate Show House?

ER: I love the good feeling that was generated among the designers who participated and the happiness that it created for the visitors. Most of all, I love that the proceeds to this fabulous event go to help the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx. It is an incredible organization that changes the lives of children by providing meaningful after school programs.

Downtown: What were a couple of your favorite rooms and why? 

ER: That is a really tough question because there are elements in every room that I really adore. Here are just a few: The Fromental wallpaper in Young Huh’s room was masterful. The decorative wall treatments in the stair by Gluckstein Design and Richard Rabel were really impressive. Jeff Lincoln’s room featured amazing art furniture. I loved the gold pieces that adorned the fireplace in Cullman & Kravis’ dining room. Sheila Bridges’ design of a dog sitting room was incredibly clever and witty. Studio DB created a wonderfully inviting moody space. I could go on and on.

Downtown: Where can our readers find your room?

ER: Images of my room can be seen on my website www.everobinson.net and the Show House is open seven days a week through May 30th.

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