Take It Easy With Empower’s Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

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Just in time for summer soirees, Empower Cocktails, a NYC-based beverage company focusing on women’s empowerment, has a new, pre-mixed cocktail to help you plan the perfect poolside bash. The distilled beverage industry continuously targets men, but Empower had women in mind when they created their first product – a cosmopolitan martini made with sweet potato vodka, triple sec, white cranberry, and lime. All you have to do is put the bottle in the fridge and set out some glasses and limes. Best of all, one 3-ounce serving is 25 proof and only contains 80 calories.

Empower is already off to a great start with partnerships with the NAACP Image Awards and charitable organizations like Dress for Success Boston and Metro-Manhattan Community Foundation. We talked with Tiffany Hall, former lawyer for spirits giant Pernod Ricard, about how she started the brand, what makes running a business here special, and where you can purchase Empower.

Downtown: How did your previous jobs prepare you to found and run Empower?

Tiffany Hall: I have had the opportunity to work for several global companies as either a marketer or a lawyer. The experience I gained and the relationships I built prepared me to become an entrepreneur. Various former colleagues from each of the companies I worked for helped me build this business from logo and packaging development to securing major marketing opportunities for the brand. In addition, in each position I learned the immense value and importance of hard work.

Downtown: What were your goals in creating this product?

TH: I created the brand Empower Cocktails with women’s distinct tastes in mind. My goal was to produce a delicious and refreshing ready to pour cocktail that could be enjoyed during various occasions.

Downtown: How did you land on sweet potato vodka?

TH: During my search for a vodka to incorporate in my cocktail recipe, I was connected to a distillery owner who produced vodka made with sweet potatoes. Once I tasted the product (the first time I had ever had sweet potato vodka), I knew it would be a great component of the Empower Cosmopolitan.

Downtown: What makes it the right choice and how common is it?

TH: Most people have not consumed or heard of sweet potato vodka. Vodka made from wheat or other grains tend to be more common.

Downtown: How did you pick the name Empower?

TH: I wanted a name that embodied the brand story – celebrating and honoring women.

Downtown: What makes running a business in NYC special?

TH: NYC is a special place and is my home – but Empower is in 5 states. Running a multi- state business with varied legal requirements, marketing needs, and other considerations can be both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Empower is available in stores in NY, CT, NJ, RI and MA as well as online. Please visit empowercocktails.com for more information.

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