Dr. Scholl’s Preview Collection Promotes Everything Every Consumer Wants in a Shoe

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Fashion, Previews & Roundups

Photo courtesy by Dr. Scholl's

Photo courtesy by Dr. Scholl’s

Downtown had the honor of attending the Dr. Scholl’s summer, fall, and spring preview collection. The collections are inspired to provide the consumer’s feet to feel as comfortable as possible while also maintaining the fashionable aspect as well.

Fun fact: The 100 year old brand was actually based on an actual human being, who knew? Dr. William Scholl was a pioneer in foot care and is the founder of Dr. Scholl’s. The company wishes to continue his legacy by innovating new ways to maximize foot comfort. Dr. Scholl’s intent is to provide eternal comfort for the consumers. According to Maureen McCann, the Vice President of Wholesale Marketing at Brown Shoe, which the Dr. Scholl’s brand is licensed by said, “If you’re feet hurt, you hurt all over.” Furthermore, the brand is always checking off comfort before heading into the other departments.

The Dr. Scholl’s brand incorporates a memory foam cool fit sock into each individual shoe to provide maximum comfort for the consumer. As many know, Dr. Scholl’s isn’t stereotyped to be a “heel” type of shoe brand, but that doesn’t limit them from incorporating wedge heels into the brand itself to create a more chic and flattering style. The brand is all about shaping the shoe from the inside out.

“Our main question that we ask the company is ‘How can we simplify little details and take something that we have had in the past and create something more casual and simple for the consumer?’,” said McCann. The ground-breaking personnel at Dr. Scholl’s are always striving to create a timeless and universal look with their brand.

Dr. Scholl’s also incorporates a flexible out sole for most of their boots, which brings promising comfort. All of Dr. Scholl’s shoes are retailing under $100 which bring another one of the brands’ principles into the mix, “value isn’t all about price.” McCann stated, “We are very hypersensitive in the comfort aspect of our shoes.”

Some prospective consumers who have represented Dr. Scholl’s Fall collection include the Black Scouts worn by Mila Kunis, Selma Blair and Catt Sadler, while Naomi Watts has been seen wearing the Leopard Scouts by Dr. Scholl’s. Each style shown below:

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Some popular favorites that have been buzzing in the market lately have been over the exercise sandals that Dr. Scholl’s provides. The good thing about Dr. Scholl’s is that it is spiraled around all day comfort, while also incorporating casual/chic as well.  “We do not usually associate as being a performance athletic brand however, we certainly are taking healthier steps in creating this new athletic wear,” said McCann.

As long as the shoe fits properly, it should not rub. The fit and the way the shoe is engineered is very important in the comfort process at the Dr. Scholl’s Corporation. Each shoe is carefully handcrafted to invent a special and personalized feel.

Some new additions to the Dr. Scholl’s brand include perforated details on the backs of most styles including texture, as well as newly innovative animal print that past consumers have always responded to in a positive way. Dr. Scholl’s tries to infuse different materials and patterns throughout each collection; bringing espadrilles and permeating the casual line in the mix. This is always important to the employees at Dr. Scholl’s.

Photo courtesy by Dr. Scholl's

Photo courtesy by Dr. Scholl’s

by- Albany Reed and Alyssa Bajek

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