Downtown Q&A: Janet Mcreesh

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Business, Featured, Power Women, Real Estate

JANET MCREESH Owner of Duce Construction Corporation and mother of four. Formerly an assistant vice president at Oppenheimer Capital.

Janet Mcreesh

1.Name  three women  that inspire you,  and tell us why. 

My daughter, Katie, inspires me every day. She is intelligent and fearless. She cuts through the nonsense, stays on point, and accomplishes everything she sets her sights on. She is also a second mother to her brothers. I have loved watching her grow into an independent, strong, and well spoken young woman and dentistry student.  My mother, Leonor inspires me. She has been caring and loving her family my whole life. She has dedicated so much of her life to help me raise my family. It is her support that has enhanced my marriage by providing us with many opportunities to date and have fun. Whenever I want to give up a task, I think of her endless energy and constant willingness to help. I have a group of women in my life that I will call my “sisters.” They are all smart, funny, and caring. I consult with them monthly, weekly, and some daily. They advise me; they make me laugh; they keep me grounded; they love me; and they tell me the truth. They make me happy, and I would not be sane without them.

2. What  has been  the secret  to your success? 

Determination. The bigger the problem the more excited I get and find absolute determination to get it done. Whether it’s cooking a difficult recipe or working with elected officials to make changes to my community, I keep going until it’s done.

3. If   you were   going to pass   on one piece of advice  to a young woman looking  for success, what would it be? 

Trust your instincts, always.

4. In the fight for equality, what   area do you think needs the most  attention? 

Social media. So many outlets are concerned with cleavage and sexy bodies. They should be more concerned with women’s accomplishments and ideas.

5. What are you most proud of in your life? 

I’m most proud of my kids. If anyone would have told me how my kids were going to be, I would have laughed. I never thought I would be capable of raising four amazing humans. I have grown up and learned so much by watching the world through their eyes. Not a day goes by that one of my kids doesn’t teach me something or inspire me to do better the next day.

6. Where do you get your confidence?  

I was raised in an environment that allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them with no shame or humiliation, just compassion and patience.

7. What  makes a woman   beautiful? 

Her smile and her soul.

8. What    gives you   joy?  

Random acts of kindness. Solving problems. Leaving the gym after a challenging workout. Cooking family dinners.  Date night. Chatting with my “sisters.” Discussing politics and religion with my kids.

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