Downtown Highlights: Skinny Pizza

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Located at Brookfield Place in lower Manhattan, Skinny Pizza has brought attention to their customers for their pizza made with 100% natural ingredients.

Everything that goes into Skinny Pizza is organic and natural. All of their products come from specific vendors and ensure the freshest flavor. Even though it’s all natural, they guarantee not to sacrifice any taste.

The chicken is baked fresh every morning, the cheese is all low fat and the tomatoes are all organic. This is not a diet place; it’s pizza made with ingredients that bring the calorie count down. There are pizza options for everyone, even if you’re vegan, gluten free, or vegetarian. They also offer pasta that is GMO-free, cholesterol-free, egg-free, low in sodium and high in fiber.

You can feel good about everything you eat here even down to the soda. Their Boyland fountain soda machine contains all-natural flavors and are low in fructose corn syrup. At Skinny Pizza, you don’t have to sacrifice the calories to eat a delicious piece of pizza!

By Eddy Garay, Haylie Born, Liana Sonenclar 

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