DOGPOUND Tips: Why the Jumprope Should Be Your Best Friend

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Exercise, Featured, Health & Fitness

Written by Emily Samuels, a personal trainer at The DOGPOUND.

DOGPOUND Tips: Why the Jumprope Should Be Your Best Friend

The jumprope is one of the most underrated fitness tools out there. It’s portable and affordable for all ages and fitness levels! I also love the jump rope because it’s something you can constantly practice to get better at! The number of jumprope variations is insane- and they get pretty creative! You see jumpropes being used by little kids on the playground or professional boxers as a warm-up drill! 

Benefits of jump roping – 

Coordination and Balance–  It’s a full-body workout that primarily uses your abs for stabilization, legs for jumping and arms for spinning the rope. Since it’s a full-body movement- it highly ameliorates coordination. Once you get that rhythm of listening to the tap before you jump, your muscle memory will kick in and it will start to become more natural and automatic- which ultimately will help you be lighter on your feet 

Burns Major Calories– jump roping is no doubt beneficial for cardiovascular health. HIIT training is one of the best ways to burn fat and jump roping is one of the best ways to do it since it can spike your heart level in a short amount of time. A great example of a HIIT jump rope workout would be ….: 30 seconds of high knees or double unders followed by 30 seconds of rest for anywhere between 10-20 rounds! For someone more advanced, they can try 30-40 seconds of double unders followed by a 30 second plank (active rest). Beginners can try 20 seconds of regular neutral jumps, followed by 40 seconds of rest!

Portable and Affordable– Jumprope is great for all ages and most of the time, they’re under $20! They’re perfect for when you need to travel because they can fit anywhere and they’re so light! 

Heart Health– since jumping rope is an aerobic exercise, it is excellent for cardiovascular health. Having a strong heart leads to lower blood pressure and lower resting heart rate. Having an efficient heart also pumps blood to your muscles which helps with physical performance and recovery!

It’s FUN!– There are TONS of variations that can be done with a jumprope! Once you get good at neutral jumps, you can then try single-leg, then jacks, then cross overs, the hip twists, then double unders- the list goes on and on!! It’s a skill you can constantly be improving and challenging yourself with! 

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DOGPOUND Tips: Why the Jumprope Should Be Your Best Friend
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