Downtown’s Dogpound 2nd Annual Appreciation Party

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Events, Exercise, Health & Fitness

Last night, the DogPound and Downtown hosted its second annual appreciation party. The instafamous gym, known for its celebrity clientele as well as their black-and-white theme and a dedication to “smash it”, has called 1 Renwick home for over a year.

The gym was filled with clients, family and close friends who joined the DogPound team to celebrate the special night. A night to thank everyone who make the DogPound happen and grow stronger, every. single. day.

“An overweight kid from Kansas is one of the hottest trainers in New York right now because of you guys. And three Dominican kids, that didn’t know what they were going to be, are trainers in New York, because people believed in them. I just want to say thank you and I’m super grateful for you,” said Brey “Beast” Pena, CSO and co-founder of the DogPound.

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For the night, the only sweat was caused by dancing and a packed house. Gone were post-workout shakes and recovery meals. Guests could however cool down with mixed cocktails by Moët Hennessey and recover with food catered by local Italian eatery, Adoro Lei.

DJ Tiff McFierce brought along a mean playlist of current hits and old school music, and had guests dancing until brought to a halt by a special surprise.

This night not only marked the DogPound having called 1 Renwick home for a year. It was also another key DogPound person’s birthday — Nigel Barker! The team brought out a cake in celebration as well as song and cheers.

To get the gym ready for early morning workouts, the party moved next door to Arlo SoHo for the afterparty.

Photography  by Will Falize
Downtown Magazine