Delightful Dishes and Where to Buy Them

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The perfect plate or cup will make you excited for mealtime, even if your fabulous table setting is serving up the most simple of meals. There is no denying the pleasure of showing off your themed plates and bowls at a dinner party or laughing at the coffee mug with a saying that is undeniable “so you” at the office. New York City is a town always on the go, but that doesn’t mean its residents don’t like to slow down and enjoy a good meal, off of an even better plate. Here are a few local stores to shop for your new favorite dishes.

Fishs Eddy



Photos courtesy of Fishs Eddy

It is difficult to know what to expect from a store called Fishs Eddy. This downtown gem is responsible for bringing millions of cups, plates, platters, pitchers, bowls, and saucers to loving homes. The New York original has now expanded and ships to 48 states so that people all over the nation can enjoy Fishs Eddy’s cheeky merchandise. Fishs Eddy’s products are as unique and unexpected as the companies name. Its eclectic offerings range from classic vintage creations to humorous funky flatware. The storefront located at 899 Broadway is a place of whimsy and fun. Every time you walk into Fishs Eddy, you are sure to leave with 10 items you did not know you needed. Rest assured, you need them desperately.



  Global Table

Photos courtesy of Global Table

This Soho storefront has been keeping New York tables stylish since 1996. It was selected as the Best of mix and match tableware by New York Magazine, and for good reason. The store is practically overflowing with exotic, chic, and charming finds. The selections are curated from all over the world and the effort put into discovering the pieces is apparent by the quality, beauty, and uniqueness that each Global Table product possesses. The history and background of your new find will only enrich your home decor. Fresh finds from Global Table have been featured in In Style Magazine, Better Homes, Oprah, and the New York Times. If you want to shop like a worldly professional interior designer, stop in Global Table.

Bowery Kitchen Supplies

Located at the Chelsea Market, Bowery Kitchen Supplies is providing high-end and professional cookware to the masses and to the stars. Bowery Kitchen Supplies selection of cutlery, plates, silverware, bakeware, cookware, and bar supplies is astronomical. Customers find it easy to get lost in Bowery Kitchen’s accessory filled aisles.  Their products have been featured in Everyday with Rachel Ray, Cook Like an Iron Chef, Throwdown with Bobby Flay, and Emeril Live.  Although Bowery Kirchen’s products do not guarantee that you will cook like a food network star, they supply aspiring cooks and diners with the reliable equipment to attempt to. Before you take home your new professional grade equipment, grab a sandwich at Bowery Eats, which is also inside Bowery Kitchen Supplies. If you are looking to explore a culinary jungle, enter Bowery Kitchen Supply armed with open eyes, and a chefs heart.

Discover the satisfaction of purchasing the ideal flat-ware for your aesthetic, humorous or functional needs by shopping at one of these 3 stores. They are dishing out some seriously delightful dishes.

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