Day 2 Of The 12 Days Of Christmas

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Featured, Holiday Gift Guide

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… two turtle doves and a partridge in a Pear Tree.

Or, how about a fresh cup of coffee brewed in this beautiful French press from BodumOn day two of the 12 days of Christmas, wake up to this splendid copper French press, an ideal present for the coffee lover – or to give your kitchen countertop a pop of copper. “Chambord” copper 34-ounce French Press, $50, by Bodum, available at


The signature dome-topped Bodum French press boasts a beautiful copper-plated finish in this classic plunger-style brewing method, revered for producing fresh coffee with rich, full-bodied character. Bodum took over a small clarinet factory in Normandy in 1982, not to make musical instruments, but to maufacture their relatively unknown Chambord coffee maker. Combining the skills of local craftsmen with modern production, the French press became accessible and affordable to the legions of fans who love the taste of the coffee brewed in this unique style. Tested best by the American Culinary Institute, this classic, beautiful and simple design is recognized worldwide as one of the best ways to brew coffee in just four minutes. It has a 34-ounce capacity, and is outfitted with a patented safety lid.


You might also wake up to this splendid copper Dualit toaster by “Chambord” — the perfect gift for toast lovers, or if you’re craving a delicious Tartine’s this holiday season – it’s the perfect accessory for any kitchen countertop for $259.99 – $339.00. Classic design meets on-trend copper, designed for heavy-duty use and assembled by hand since 1945, the manually operated toasters will last a lifetime. A switch controls browning, and defrost and bagel functions are included.

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