D’Angelico Guitars To Introduce New Line of Products For 2020

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Attention all D’Angelico Guitar fans, you’re in for a treat. The 88-year-old Manhattan guitar manufacturer is in the midst of a modern resurgence, offering new designs and a new line of gorgeous products for 2020.

D’Angelico has a storied history since its 1932 inception in Little Italy by master luthier John D’Angelico. The company’s devotees include guitar virtuosos Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Chet Atkins, and Bootsy Collins as fans of their instruments. In 2011, guitars by D’Angelico were included in the ‘Guitar Heroes’ exhibition at the Met. These guitars are absolutely gorgeous as well as being vessels for some of the most noteworthy music to come out of the last eight decades. Original D’Angelico guitars are considered prized collector’s items. Relaunched in 2011 by Brenden Cohen, John Ferolito Jr., and Steve Pisani, the brand blossomed into 125 partnerships in the United States with an additional 200 international dealers just three years later.

Here is the official press release from D’Angelico for the exciting new developments:

The Premier Series will see a refresh on all five of its acoustic models, plus the addition of a new “LS” variation – a satin mahogany option priced at $299.

Tammany LS

The popular OM Tammany will be available in all variations for the first time.

The Premier Series also welcomes the all-new Premier Mini DC – an ergonomic double cutaway semi-hollow, featuring a 14″ wide body perfect for players looking for a lightweight, easy-to-wield instrument.

And, coming off its triumphant first year in the Deluxe Series, the Bob Weir Bedford signature model is now available in the Premiere Series. Featuring the unique combination of two stacked P-90s and a middle single-coil controlled by a 5-way blade and blender knob, the Premier Bob Weir Bedford hosts an unbelievable range of tones.


Mini DC

In the long-standing Excel Series, 2020 welcomes new archtops for the first time since the re-launching of the brand. The Excel Series Throwback Collection hosts vintage-inspired takes on the flagship EXL-1 and the fan-favorite Style B. Features include the new Throwback scroll-style headstock, ebony headplate and pickguard, Throwback f-holes, ebony fingerboard, Seymour Duncan electronics, and Jazz Age finishes.

Also joining the Excel Series is the Excel Mini DC, an undersized double cutaway semi-hollow featuring Seymour Duncan 59 humbuckers and coil-splitting push/pull tone knobs.



Premier Bob Weir Bedford

The reimagined Deluxe Series is built to inspire – featuring Limited Edition takes on all four solid body designs, as well as the semi-hollow DC, SS, and 175. Across humbucking models, the Deluxe Series introduces the all-new Seymour Duncan Seth Love A4 – a pickup with remarkable depth, response, and richness in tone.

Meanwhile, the offset Bedford is now available in a stunning new variation. The Deluxe Bedford SH- a semi-hollow solid body featuring a unique modern f-hole window – adds an edge of acoustic warmth to its unique electronics configuration – two STR-52s and a Mini-Humbucker.


Limited Edition Deluxe Models are available in Matte Black, Matte Wine, and Matte Rose Gold. Only 50 pieces each.

D’Angelico will also debut the opening of its new USA Custom Shop and debut the shop’s first ten instruments at NAMM 2020. For the first time in brand history, solid bodies and semi-hollows will be built to spec in the USA, run by renowned luthier and longtime D’Angelico collaborator Gene Baker. Media outlets can contact jessica@dangelicoguitars.com to schedule an online interview and demonstration at the 2020 NAMM show.

All models will be officially available to select dealers on 16 January 2020.

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