Savor Brazilia Cafe’s Hot Chocolates

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Brazilia Cafes Hot Chocolates

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As the temperature begins to drop and New Yorkers are craving a little extra warmth this Winter, look no further than BRAZILIA CAFES hot chocolates menu!

Located at 684 Broadway (at the corner of Great Jones), BRAZILIA’S decadently rich flavors include a Peanut Butter flavor and Orange Spiced option, giving patrons a unique twist on the classic steamy beverage. MALCOLM STOGO (CEO of Fal Foods USA – a subsidiary of Fal Holdings), the man who introduced chocolate dipped waffle cones to the world, brought his ingenuity (and love of chocolate) to the table with the addition of a few extra chocolate-y flavors.

Chocolate lovers will adore the Hazelnut, made with a dose of Nutella or the Black Bottom, a densely flavorful hot chocolate that will coat your palate with flavors and surprise you with a layer of fudge at the bottom. Guests can even order their hot chocolate to be served in a chocolate dipped waffle cone, because no hot chocolate experience should ever be ordinary.

Of course, BRAZILIA CAFE, well known for their seed-to-cup coffee, also created the Espresso Italiano, ​which boasts a shot of espresso and a perfect complement of flavors. For those who prefer a traditional, yet good quality hot chocolate, BRAZILIA ​offers both an Original Hot Chocolate or one with a giant marshmallow.

Brazilia Cafes Original Hot ChocolatesBrazilia Café’s Original Hot Chocolate

BRAZILIA CAFES Hot Chocolate options are sure to excite your taste buds, and add a little warmth to any chilly NYC day!

Enjoy Brazilia Cafes Hot Chocolates to savor the best the city has to offer

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