Upgrade Your Pudding Cup with Chocolate Mousse from MOJO Desserts

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You loved pudding cups as a kid, but now you’re an adult and you need an upgrade. Enter MOJO Desserts: artisanal, small batch chocolate mousse in single serve containers. Each flavor is better than the next, with a silky texture and little bites of chocolate throughout. We talked with Belgian Chef Johan Halsberghe, who created these pots of joy, about how he developed his recipe, where the name MOJO came from, and more!

Downtown: How did you develop your chocolate mousse recipe?

Chef Johan Halsberghe: I learned how to make chocolate mousse from my grandfather. He was a traditional Belgian baker and he taught me his secret recipe when I was very young. I made my first batch when I was only 8 years old.

Downtown: Why did you think single serving containers were the right vessel to share your product?

JH: The individual package size came from our mission to offer refined desserts, the kind you would expect to find at a fine restaurant, with the convenience of being on store shelves. We believe in quality rather than quantity and that our individual single serve cup is the perfect amount of indulgence. Believe it or not: our classic dark chocolate mousse has less sugar than an average yogurt portion.

Downtown: How did you decide on the flavors?

JH: I wanted to offer people in the United States a taste of my childhood in Belgium, so we started with the classic dark and white chocolate. Our third flavor Hazelnut Praline is inspired by our world famous Belgian Pralines, always using the finest Belgian chocolate brand Callebaut (the same Neuhaus use to make their pralines). Last year we launched a special edition white chocolate matcha flavor, and because of its success we are planning to add it to our line soon.

Downtown: Where did the name MOJO come from?

JH: We initially started selling the mousses under the name “JOHAN” but found out shortly after that name was already trademarked, so we came up with MOJO MOusse by JOhan. We immediately connected to that word because what we do is sort of make the unexpected happen every day: in a world where 80% of desserts available in stores are frozen at some point, to keep a fresh mousse made in small batches with such premium ingredients, making the taste of a real authentic Belgian mousse available at the convenience of local stores shelves at accessible prices…it pretty damn magical.

Downtown: Where can readers purchase MOJO?

JH: We are currently available in specialty stores throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and also online on Sweetist and Amazon. Check out the full list of stores where we’re available here.

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