Is Bulgaria the Next Big European Travel Destination?

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Featured, Travel

After assuming the EU Presidency, all eyes are on Bulgaria. The country is undergoing vast changes in both ideology, political structure and tourism, making the days of a truly authentic Bulgarian experience numbered. Here are three reasons Bulgaria should be next on your travel list:

Bulgaria Travel Rila Monastery

  1. Relatively Undiscovered by Tourists

Will there be lines and people snapping photos around major attractions? Yes. However, weigh the crowds around the ancient Boyana Church just outside of the capital with the Louvre or the beaches lining Barcelona and you’ll find a hefty portion of comparable legroom.

According to Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, there has been a 7.7% increase in visitors in from last year, and it is projected to keep climbing. If you could use a break from elbowing your way through a sea of sunglasses and fanny packs, Bulgaria is the place for you.

Bulgaria Travel Architecture

  1. Booming Art & Food Scenes

Colorful cafes and underground art installations are popping up all over Bulgaria’s major cities like Plovdiv, Varna and Sofia. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Bulgarian travel experience with classic cuisine and folk music, or perhaps something a bit more trendy and modern, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Bulgaria, in addition to undergoing its own travel, art and food resurgences, is becoming a destination for international talent. Sofia, in particular, is becoming an increasing draw for world-renowned street artists and musicians.

Bulgaria Travel Vitosha Mountain

  1. Natural Wonders

Traveling to Bulgaria gives you access to too many natural attractions to count. From the Vitosha Mountains’ Golden Bridges to Rila’s Seven Lakes and the highest mountain range in the Balkans, you’re at no shortage of options for adventure in Bulgaria. There are also many English-speaking tour groups and guides available at reasonable rates if you’re planning an expedition.

If sports are more your thing, there are multiple internationally-popular ski resorts in the mountains, as well as watersports options in Varna and the other major coastal cities.

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