The Best TV Apps For Binge Watching Shows.

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Business, Technology

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Ready. Set. Binge.

We’ve all been there before, surfing the guide, numbing your fingers into the remote control and sighing aloud at the boredom you feel so pervasively. Watching television is always the best way to waste time. It’s mindless, and now it can be endless. Streaming apps have changed the television landscape. No longer bound by the constraints of your living room, streaming apps can be accessed on every tablet, laptop and smartphone. With an infinite list of titles to choose from, just one subscription can take you on a trip into the virtual realm of entertainment. Here are DOWNTOWN’s picks for the best TV apps.

Netflix: $8.99 (monthly subscription)

Netflix has the largest amount of titles to choice from. Genres span from independent films, crime thrillers and comedies. Now, we all know choosing a show from thousands can be daunting, but Netflix is here to help. It will generate and recommend new television shows based on your previous consumption, helping facilitate the process of choosing a show amongst the mass. Netflix has recently been praised for a few of their Golden Globe award-winning original series’ such as Orange is The New Black and House of Cards. Go check them out!

Hulu Plus: $7.99 (monthly subscription)

Now Hulu Plus may not have the capacity of shows that Netflix offers, but it does have one major thing Netflix doesn’t: instant uploads. Imagine being at work or school and you miss that anticipated series finale, or maybe you forget to set your DVR. Hulu Plus to the rescue! They upload recently aired shows the next morning. As for organization, they compile their shows much like Netflix, but also by network, popular episodes and trailers.

Amazon Instant Play: $96 (yearly subscription)

Through Amazon Prime, customers have the ability to stream movies and television shows in HD and standard definition. Amazon has even begun to produce their own original series. One show in particular, Transparent, won a Golden Globe for best performance by an actor in a TV series. Most of the titles available are similar to those of Netflix and Hulu Plus, however with a prime subscription, you have the added bonus of free two day shipping on all your purchases via Prime. Very tempting!


– by Yasmine Rimawi

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