Best New York Casinos to Visit in 2021

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So, it’s surprising that the Big Apple has very few casinos.

New York City is home to people from nearly every country on earth. Due to that, it has restaurants, shops, and marketplaces for almost everything. So, it’s surprising that the Big Apple has very few casinos.

If you want to play slots and card games in the big city, your best bet is to visit Indian-owned casinos or take a trip to New Jersey. That’s alright, though. You can access many casinos within New York in an hour’s drive.

Big Deal Casino

Located along 28th street, Big Deal is one of the few casinos at the heart of New York City. It’s a relatively small establishment, measuring 5000 square feet in size. It uses its small space accordingly, nonetheless.

For starters, it has two gaming floors that feature a wide range of games. It has eight blackjack tables. Then it features poker, roulette, craps, baccarat, and Pai Gow games. What’s more, it has halls where you can conduct birthday parties, team-building meetings, and charity events.

Big Deal Casino also features an indoor golf facility where you can simulate golfing with the help of 15-inch screens. It also features free parking, quick Internet, and gyms. Additionally, it’s a top-rated casino with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Empire City Casino

Located on Yonkers Avenue, Empire City is a Casino Resort, meaning you get both gambling and hotel services. The hotel aspect of the business attracts top reviews from customers. But the casino side is problematic.

The problem is not a lack of slots or card games. The casino has 5000+ games, from slots and video poker to keno and blackjack. It also features low betting limits—from one cent to $100.

The problem with Empire City’s games is that they have low payout rates. To expound more, the games are mean and take away money without letting players win.

As a result, many people don’t seem to win no matter how many times they try. If you’re one of them, read the guide to online casinos in New York at Online casinos not only have lots of games but these games payout up to 99% of wagered money.

Turning Stone Resort Casino

Whether you want to feast, gamble, or lodge, Turning Stone New York has got you covered. This tribe-owned casino is located at 5218 Patrick Road, Verona. It’s pretty big, measuring 120,000 square feet in size, and houses all the amenities you can expect from a world-class casino.

You can play 32 table games, including poker tables that host up to 320 players. Or you could choose one of the 2300 slots to test your luck. On the flip side, you can play bingo, blackjack, roulette, or video poker.

What’s more, you can play golf at one of five courses—two 9-hole layouts and three 18-hole courses. If the weather is extreme, get indoors, and play virtual golf, get into the sauna, or book for a spa treatment.

Additional amenities at this casino include a nightclub, a dancehall, treatment rooms, salons, and BBQ place. Obviously, food and drinks are available too.

Jake’s 58

Jake’s 58 is a casino hotel in Long Island. It features 228 rooms on its 64,142 square feet premises, 1000+ gaming machines, and over 50 table games. On top of that, it features a sportsbook, making it a fully-fledged gambling enterprise.

Like many casino resorts, Jake’s 58 features concierge service to VIP players, smoking-free rooms, suites, and amenities. With that in mind, there are several restaurants at this casino. So, if you don’t like the food on the ground floor, walk to the first floor.

Unfortunately, Jake’s 58 features VLT and not real slot machines. As a result, they provide scratch cards, lotto, and pull-tab games—many of which have low payout rates.

Royal Flush Casino on Carnival Splendor

The Royal Flush is a cruise ship casino operated aboard the Carnival Splendor. It’s allocated a large 8000 sq/ft gaming floor and loaded with all the games modern casinos provide. The best part is that once the cruise ship moves three miles away from the Big City, it throws out New York’s gambling rules.

Instead, it lets you play real slot machines, blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat games with high RTP rates. What’s more, you get access to part of the cruise ship for wining and dining purposes.

On the flip side, you can book for a spa treatment, swimming, lodging, and all forms of hotel services. Is the Royal Flush Casino expensive? Whether you want to play slots, Texas Hold’em, or have fun on a cruise ship, you’ll find the prices at this casino fairly cheap. 

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

Based in Buffalo, Seneca is a casino resort offering 1000+ slots, over 100 table games, and a host of amenities. It’s a tribe-owned casino measuring 67, 000 sq/ft. It welcomes three million customers every year. 

That means it must be doing something right. And sure enough, Seneca is gorgeous on both the exterior and interior. Unlike many casinos in New York, Seneca has several rewards for high rollers, from comps to exclusive VIP rooms.

The food at Seneca is delicious and plentiful. The drinks are free and non-alcoholic. To spice up things, the games have relatively low payout rates compared to Internet-based casinos.

Borgata Casino

Many casinos in New York City provide low paying VLT machines and slots. But that’s not Borgata, the biggest casino in New Jersey. It is located 127.3 miles from New York, which means you can get there within two hours.

It’s magnificent, inviting, and loaded with everything New Yorkers wish they could find in a casino. First, the games come from leading software providers, meaning the payout rates are high. 

Then the food is amazing, usually prepared by professional chefs experienced in cooking different cuisines. On the flip side, you can pay for standard hotel rooms that start at $99 or up to $1500 for presidential suites.

When it comes to amenities, Borgata is packed with casino goodness, from theater halls to spas, gyms to dancehalls. There are also rooms to hold meetings, live performance shows, and gift shops.

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