Best Jeans Trends for Women in 2020

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Fashion, Featured, Featured

Buying jeans is usually a tedious task for women. We all need it, most of us use it everyday and yet nobody really loves it. But these jeans trends for 2020 have transformed everyday pieces into more stylish ones. I bet you will be more excited to buy a new pair for the season.


The runways were filled with this trend, but they are actually not that new. Are you ready for the comeback of Flared Jeans? If you don’t want to feel like you are wearing jeans from the 70’s, check out this super stylish design from Rag & Bone

Flared jeans

Store: Rag & Bone

Wide Leg 

Whether you prefer it to hit the floor or cropped, you can’t escape this trend. Wide leg jeans are everywhere! 

wide leg jeans

Store: Ag Jeans


Vintage denim became a sought-after trend in the fashion world. This super cool jeans were a hit on fall 2019 and they are here to stay.

vintage jeans

Store: 3×1 New York


I bet you told yourself you would never use this ridiculous jeans, when the trend first appeared. But ripped jeans became an obsession. Ok, EXTREMELY distressed jeans are not for everyone, but maybe choosing a piece with just some rips is a good option to make the everyday denim more stylish.

distressed jeans

Store: Blank NYC


Another trend on the runways for skirts, dresses and, of course, denim. We love this pair of jeans from Frame that mix two major trends for 2020: flared and patchwork denim.

patchwork jeans

Store: Frame

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