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by | Jan 23, 2015 | Beauty, Fashion

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Photo: Courtesy of Alexandre Lahaye


Bergdorf’s celebrated their Spring Beauty Preview on January 14th at the luxurious A. Lounge at AKA Central Park. They presented their exclusive collections through their “New Year’s Evolution: Elements of Beauty” 2015 Beauty Book. This book is considered the “road map to beauty breakthroughs,” says Felicia Walker Benson, BG Beauty Editor. Through highlighting products and gadgets that enhance, perfect, nourish and hydrate, natural beauty is ensured for this new year. The event was attended by Haley Newman, Nicola Harrison Ruiz, Alexandre Lahaye, and Anthony Bui. They were able to make beauty observations and capture the must-have products of 2015 in a breathtaking manner. Here is what Alexandre has to say:

So long, cakeface. Say hello to modern beauty! It’s not just about looking–but also being good. It’s s no longer a mundane ritual, but a moment of solace. Once reserved as Jamie Morris’s (from Kiehl’s) own private line of skincare, Retrouvé’s unisex assemblage of creams and serums are delectable; in particular a velvety vitamin C-rich Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer that could rival any style of therapy. Other options seem at the forefront of technology: mimicking the biochemical processes found in amniotic fluid, Hourglass essentially re-engineers the skin cells of the face in sixty days and nights of ultrasonification. Beyond age remedies, beauty seems to be shifting towards a goal of true health and well-being, foregoing superficiality for an individualized, even spiritual ethos.

Derived from propolis–a chemical found in the lining of the beehive–Charlotte Tilbury’s lip scrub + treatment could rival any nectar of the gods. A makeup savant and confidente to a seemingly endless list of stars (Sienna Miller, Kristen Wiig, Amal Clooney at the recent Globes), Tilsbury’s magic touch manages to feel glamorous yet down to earth. Also noteworthy: a series of incredible facemasks, made from the same soil found on the beaches of Tilsbury’s native Ibiza; who doesn’t need a little probiotic jet set zest in their life?

-by Alexandre Lahaye


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Photo: Courtesy of Anthony Bui


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Photo: Courtesy of Anthony Bui


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