BB Dakota & JACK by BB Dakota Winter ’15 Must Haves

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Behind the Scenes; Photo: Glori Reantaso from BB Dakota.

1 Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes; Photo: Glori Reantaso from BB Dakota.

In light of BB Dakota & Jack by BB Dakota‘s upcoming winter ’15 styles, Downtown Magazine wants to share with you the top 10 must have’s for your fall/winter wardrobe!

The brand has a fun and free outlook on fashion and life; “At BB Dakota we love clothes but we also love living full, creatively-fulfilling, engaged lives. We believe it’s more important to have rich inner lives, to consume culture but also contribute to it. The clubby, exclusionary quality of the fashion world is lame, and we want to fight the notion that wearing expensive clothes makes you cool, that if you carry the right handbag, it means something. That’s why we make wearable, exquisite clothes that are made to last, but aren’t so prohibitively expensive it gives you post-purchase anxiety dreams.”

Time to clear out space in your closet, because the Winter 15 collection has the perfect staple pieces for fall, winter, and the holiday season. But these are just our 10 must haves. Wait until you see the whole captivating collection!

BB Dakota has stunning pieces that are for the young, wild and free women out there who enjoy being stylish and on trend, but also love being social and having a good time!

Below are 5 Must Have’s from the BB Dakota Collection:


The Satin Black Crepe Cape Dress:

This easy piece is basic enough to flatter any woman, but includes a fabulous cape-like sleeve that gives the dress a bold and daring look!

Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

The Layered Vegan Leather Jacket:

This piece is trendy and comfortable, making it the perfect jacket to throw on for the office, class, or a day out in the city, and remain trendy. Pair it with a casual dress or a more sophisticated outfit and see it work its charm with any look!


Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

The Sequin Pant:

The pant is classy and chic, with a clear element of 70’s retro ease. It  can be paired with almost anything. The pant gives a funky yet elegant look; perfect for adding edge to your work look!


Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

The Long Sleeve Lace Romper:

This one piece is killer for going out in the evening, or giving a classic and unique look without having to pair up any two pieces! The lace adds drama to an otherwise basic silhouette.


Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

The Sweater Vest with Fur:

Everyone needs a fur vest in their wardrobe for the fall/winter! And of course it is an animal friendly faux fur! This one is particularly eye-catching with its knit sweater as the base of the garment.


Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

JACK by BB Dakota. This collection is for the sophisticated but free woman, one who appreciates style and trend. Many pieces are absolutely key for starting that holiday wardrobe! Here are the 5 must have’s for the JACK collection by BB Dakota:

The Velvet & Satin Binding Dress;

Prep this holiday season by getting yourself a burgundy satin dress! Perfect for the holidays, or any winter day. Let’s face it; cold weather will be here before we know it! The crushed velvet falls perfectly with the silhouette, and the keyhole at the neckline adds flair and a little mystery!


Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

The Grey Woven Coat;

What says fall/winter better than this neutral grey coat? When the city gets cold there is nothing we need more than a easy and stylish coat to slip on!

Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

The Snakeskin Ponte One Piece;

Is faux snakeskin out this season? We certainly don’t think so! This faux snakeskin romper is both edgy and classic.


Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

The Pleated Skirt;

The 90’s are back – and we are loving it! This faux leather pleated skirt adds a grunge 90’s look to rock this season. We can’t get enough of this flirty yet edgy skirt!


Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

The Faux Fur Vest;

This all around faux fur vest is a staple for the Winter wardrobe. It comes in grey and light beige, and has animal friendly faux fur covering the entire vest!


Photo: Courtesy of BB Dakota.

Here are more behind the scenes photos directly from BB Dakota!

BB Dakokta Behind the scenes 2

Behind the Scenes; Photo: Glori Reantaso from BB Dakota.


Behind the Scenes; Photo: Glori Reantaso from BB Dakota.

Behind the Scenes; Photo: Glori Reantaso from BB Dakota.

-by Arianna Levesque

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