Art Here, Art There, Art Everywhere

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Spotted: Grant Wood’s ‘American Gothic’ on a Times Square billboard

A phenomenon is overtaking Manhattan by storm, and it’s sweeping every corner of the city like wildfire. New York, meet Art Everywhere. The movement that launched yesterday in Times Square will be permeating throughout various locations for the next four weeks giving tourists and residents a visual treat if they are lucky enough to spot the works on display. Imagine those Easter eggs that directors sometimes throw into random movie scenes–this is exactly like that, except you’re living the movie, and the Easter eggs are famous art pieces replacing images on billboards, bus stops, street advertisements and vehicles.


American history captured on the side of a truck in “Harvest Talk”

Originating from the United Kingdom in 2013, Art Everywhere proved to be so successful that five major American museums decided to recreate this movement in collaboration with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Twenty iconic works were selected from each of these participants, culminating in a selection of 100 works, which were narrowed down to a mere 58 through a voting system involving the American public. This compelling exhibit pays homage to every art movement beginning from the early history of the American Revolution to the stages of punchy pop-art in the 1960s. Art fanatics will be thrilled to find an assortment of famous works that they will recognize and appreciate, given the range of masterpieces scattered high and low.


A not-so-hidden Winslow Homer painting is hard to miss

If there was any reason for you to explore the city, downtown dwellers, now’s your chance! Visit the Art Everywhere website for more information on where to find these art pieces. Happy searching!

– Aimee Aurol

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