Amedei Brings World Class Chocolate to New York

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Chocolate is always a fall favorite. Photo: Courtesy of Amedei

Amedei is a company thats main goal is focused on producing high-quality chocolate. Their world renowned delicacy is crafted in Pontedera, Tuscany by Cecilia Tessieri, the first female maitre chocolatier in the world. Tessieri has a long family history in the confection business and has won many awards including the Chocolate Academy of London’s prestigious “Golden Bean” award four times.

Amedei began in 1990 when Tessieri began her search for the finest cacao beans in the world, traveling all over to look for varieties of cacao that retain the aromatic character of their indigenous region. Tessieri implemented the strictest humanitarian standards for the plantations she chose, and as an end result, produced the company’s first chocolate bars carrying the name “Amedei” in 1998. The company has chocolate bars that represent many areas of the world including Venezuela, Grenada, Jamaica, Madagascar, Trinidad, Ecuador and Peru as well as chocolate based products such as blends, pralines, and drinking chocolate.

If reading this had you craving their world-class chocolate, you are in luck! The Amedei Store can now be found in Lower Manhattan! Check them out at 15 East 18th Street to indulge in their delicious chocolate!

-Lauren Price


Give the gift of great chocolate. Photo: Courtesy of Amedei


A look inside Amedei’s store in Union Square. Photo: Courtesy of Amedei

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