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Buying perfume is not the easiest thing to do. Selecting the perfect fragrance involves a lot of consideration. Will  the scent match your mood? Your personality? Will the scent accurately capture the vibe you want to pass on to the people around you?

There are major differences between the variety of fragrances available. Most people see their scents labeled parfum or eau-de-cologne, but few know what these labels actually mean. Here are the facts: the differences between a parfum or eau-de-cologne are in the fragrance, the time of fixation, the concentration of extract, and also the occasion that each scent is made for.

For each different perfume type, DOWNTOWN recommends:

Acqua di Parma

 ACQUA DI PARMA. Eau de cologne $96.00

Eau de Cologne. The softest scent option. It has a concentration of only 2% and is known as a baby fragrance.


NINA RICCI Nina L’Eau. Eau fraiche $62.00

Eau Fraiche: The concentration is between 3% and 5%. It is the favorite option of most tropical countries. It can be used continuously throughout the day. This type of fragrance is recommended for summer wear.


THIERRY MUGLER. Alien Au Extraordinaire. Eau de toilette. $69.00

Eau de Toilette: The concentration is between 10% and 15%, the normal fixation lasts around 6 hours. It can be used at any time, for any occasion.

Miss Dior

DIOR. Miss Dior. Eau de parfum. $90.00

Eau de Parfum: This is the most common fragrance found in stores. The concentration is between 18% and 25% with a fixation lasting approximately 9 hours. You should use no more than 3 sprays a day. It is recommended to use eau de parfum on cold days and during night outings.



CHANEL. Chanel N5. Parfum. $130.00

Parfum: The strongest of all perfumes. The concentration of extract is 30% and the fixation lasts for one, whole day. This scent usually doesn’t come with a spray option, so use only 3 drops per day. For optimal result, use parfum during winter months and nighttime adventures.

~Maria Zanetti


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