A Must-Try for Coffee Lovers

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Dining, Featured

By Addison Franz

If you haven’t already heard, For Five Coffee opened up their newest location at 1 Liberty Plaza on Thursday, June 6th in place of what used to be a Starbucks. Beautiful decor and a relaxed atmosphere are the only fitting complements for such rich, flavorful coffee.

Our Downtown team tried both the Gotham Mocha and the Iced Matcha with lavender. Our tastebuds were dazzled by the smoothness of the Mocha and equally refreshed by the sweet mixture of the matcha and lavender.

To make things sweeter, the barristers are as great of conversationalists as they are masters of getting your drink of choice brewed to perfection.

Cofounders Tom Tsiplakos and Stefanos Vouvoudakis joined us as we enjoyed our luxury coffee experience. The two childhood best friends started as suppliers for restaurants and other coffee franchises but eventually opened their first cafe in 2016 in the middle of Times Square. Since the two are both New Yorkers, it is only fitting that their micro-roasting facility is located nearby in Queens.

For Five Coffee aims to make each of their cafes a staple in its community. Each specialty cafe is intended to represent its founders’ “New York background, their love for quality coffee, and their understanding that it’s not just the coffee, but where you drink it that matters.”

Check out the new 1 Liberty Plaza location today!

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