4 Offbeat Ways to Enjoy Miami

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The winning combination of ultra-luxurious hotels and pristine sandy beaches makes Miami one of the most popular travel destinations in America. Miami is definitely not a laid-back beach destination where you can drink beers from shacks and quietly listen to Bob Marley. Miami is all about the glitz, glamor, and the nonstop party atmosphere. This beach destination is all about the luxury and opulence. It’s a place that’s riddled with posh nightclubs, rooftop restaurants, and some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

If you are planning to take a break from the party and the Miami beach life, then this post is for you. We reveal 4 offbeat things you can do in Miami to add variety to your travel itinerary.

Take to the Skies: While slowly driving through Ocean Drive is the quintessential Miami thing to do, there is another way to explore this beautiful city. There are quite a few helicopters touring companies in Miami that give you short tours of the city. Thanks to the competition, the prices of the helicopter tours are pretty reasonable. For example, per person cost of booking 30-minute Miami helicopter rides costs around $200. Considering that renting an entire chopper costs thousands of dollars, the per-seat booking makes these helicopter rides pretty accessible. Miami helicopter rides usually cover the beach destinations including, Miami Beach, Fisher Island, Sunny Isles, Virginia Key, North Beach, South Beach and other locations. You can book these helicopter rides online and the tours usually start from the Opa Locka airport in Miami.

Get a Taste of Cuba in Little Havana: While some may say it has become too touristy, Little Havana still offers a great selection of Cuban cuisines and great shopping opportunities to make it to our list. This place is as vibrant as the beachfront party destinations in Miami. However, Little Havana has a different cultural vibe with live Cuban music and specialty shops. At the risk of being overcharged, you can pick up some authentic Cuban cigars from one of the many Cigar shops and factories in the area.

Ride an Airboat to Explore the Alligator Riddled Swamps: Craving for some quiet time? Head over to the swamps and rent an airboat. The Everglades National Park is just an hour’s drive away from midtown Miami. Apart from the beauty of the unspoiled nature, it offers plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife. Considering these swamps are riddled with alligators, there is a certain thrill factor to these tours.

Walk the Streets of the Art Deco District: While you cannot travel back in time, walking the streets of Miami’s Art Deco district is the next best thing. All the historic 1930s buildings are restored to look as if they were built yesterday. All the buildings have beautiful pastel shades and amazing neon lightings. Our suggestion is to visit the art deco area both at night and day. During daytime, you see the 1930s architecture in full glory as the building are kissed by the Miami sun. This gives you the opportunity to see the subtle architectural details. At night, these buildings come to life with glowing neons and colorful lighting.


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