Varia Ecoresin: Redefining Wall-Art

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3_ecoresin ensign

Ensign Kitchen

Luxury is effortless, romantic, and one of the few things in Downtown Manhattan left unscathed by time. The freedom to customize one’s living space is the key to luxurious living in the city. Therefore, it is essential to investigate every opportunity to do just that.

Divide and Conquer your living space with the seemingly endless selection of colors, materials, styles, and sizes of Varia Ecoresin panels. Fit for any kind of household or apartment, they are an exquisite way to decorate and manage your space.  3form‘s Varia Ecoresin collection of recycled materials and glass wall dividers offers endless opportunities to customize your living space, adding more intimacy, color, or structure wherever desired.

But behind the walls of Varia Ecoresin lies a story worth telling: the designs of these panels were made to preserve the raw, hard work of skilled artisans. Handcrafted and carefully molded by these artisans and by 3form’s full circle design team, each fine panel is guaranteed to be a unique piece. 3form donates profits to many communities, who use the funds to raise to organic gardens, solar chargers, and projects to help empower women of a lesser-privileged background.

Mbaye, as featured in this video about 3form’s products, is one of the talented artisans who contributes to the array of beautiful design materials. Watch the way that every detail is meticulously sculpted – nothing is overlooked!


If you’re considering decorating your home with the Varia Ecoresin panels, take a look at these photographs for some inspiration. The variety of styles can be made to fit any home or office space. Use them to enhance the appearance and functionality of any room, from the kitchen to the shower walls.

1_ecoresin paper lane

Paper Lane Conference

Red Cafe

Red Cafe

5_poured glass mirage hydro

Mirage Studio


82 Flats

6_midtown dental

Midtown Dental

8_ecoresin stack fade

Stack Creative

18_starcrossed shadow

Starcrossed Cafe

17_leaf spring

3 Form Headquarters/ Lounge

14_pressed glass seaweed

Germany Private Residence

-Kelly Fleming

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