3 Things Boyfriend Should Not Know to Strengthen Relations

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Many couples say they have no secrets from each other and most likely they’re lying. However, there are still some things that should be kept under a hat. Some psychologists ask their clients: “Imagine that your whole life, from the beginning till this moment, was filmed on videotape. Do you agree to show it to your boyfriend?” The answer depends on what we mean by frankness in relations. According to American psychologists, couples where partners hide information from each other that can hurt their soul mate are stronger and happier. So, what does your partner should not know?

  1. He is not the best lover in your life

You have probably had some breathtaking sex adventures in your previous life. So what? Many online brides from Ladadate will prove: it is so rarely happened that sexy machos are good husbands and fathers. Those women who are well aware of this finally choose simply good guys as partners. So you did, right?

You should never tell your boyfriend about your ex-es, especially talk about them with admiration. You should never tell that the ex-boyfriend was more caring or attentive. If a woman compares her man with her ex, it will create a lack of confidence between you. Indeed, good sex can be achieved if both of you want it.

2. Your mother thinks you deserve better

Your mother dreams of her son-in-law to have a yacht and family castle. So what? Is it necessarily mean that you will be happy with such a man? Your parents probably love your boyfriend, especially if they see that you are happy with him.

On the contrary, it does not worth discussing his relatives with him — he did not choose them. Therefore, you should be patient and keep your mouth shut. If relatives are unpleasant in communication, you can try to meet them less often. Tell about it very delicately, so as not to create the impression that you are pushing him against his relatives.

3. You have extra expenditures

Of course, the family budget is a hot topic and you should discuss all the huge expenditures together. However, if you worked hard and saved some money for a brand autumn coat don’t tell your BF about this in detail. Let him be happy for you without thinking of extra-hours you took at the office or money you saved on lunches. Thus, you emphasize he is not able to earn money to meet his girlfriend`s expectations. It will make him less confident and more disappointed.

Loving, sincere, warm relationships and the desire to tell your soulmate every single thing are two different sides of the coin. Before you say anything, make a balanced decision, and let your words be followed by love, tact, and delicacy.

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