When I Fall in Love, with Gregory Harrington

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Love, what is the meaning of love, and why do we use it so often? I love my new scarf, I love chocolate, I love the morning sun, I love you! Why do we use this word to describe a feeling, thing, or action?

When researching the word love, we found 4 different kinds of love. Actually, we found some that say there are six. For this post, let us stick with 4.

Because love can be applied in many circumstances, ancient Greeks divided the concept of love into four different types of love.

1. Philia, the love of friends and equals

2. Storge, love one has for their children or family

3. Eros, an erotic, passionate love

4. Agape, the love towards mankind, something we all need to do more of

February 14th is the day that we celebrate love, and this year it could not come soon enough. This is a special year for many, some grateful to have those loved ones around to celebrate with, while many are feeling the hard reality of the loss, for those we loved.

We wish you all a beautiful day of love, and we hope that this post brings beautiful memories to you and your loved ones.

Gregory Harrington

When we heard the newest album from Gregory Harrington, we wanted to once again, work with Mr. Harrington on a very special gift to you, this Valentine’s Day.

Showcasing our love of his talent, and music, while focusing on the album’s lead song “When I Fall in Love” (originally by the late great Nat King Cole).

We knew the album was fantastic, now we needed just the right location was this was key for us. After weighing all of our options, we went with one of the most beautiful and meaningful beacons, of New York City, the World Trade Center.

Paring Gregory Harrington’s love of Violin, with the man who forged forward to rebuild our beloved area after 9/11, Mr. Larry Silverstein, we chose 3WTC. Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, 3 WTC is instantly recognizable by its iconic “K” brace, the building’s external steel framing, while seamlessly integrating into the triumphant community of World Trade Center architecture.

WTC, downtown New York, is a place of constant reinvention, and Downtown with leaders like Mr. Silverstein, have been raising the bar for NYC neighborhoods for the last 400 years.

Shooting at WTC never gets old, each time we discover something new, or a piece of history comes to light. We worked with a great team, videographer Michael Robayo Production, Photographer Gus Hobbs, and styling and grooming by a long time, and dear friend Christo.  A big thank you to our chair board Dara Mcquillan for making this happen!

We had a chance during the shoot to catch up with Gregory, what he was planing for V-Day, why he wanted to shoot this video, and how his industry is fairing during COVID -19.

Presented by Downtown Magazine New York City, Music performed by Gregory Harrington Director & Editor: Michael Robayo Production: Site B Studios Photographer: Gus Hobbs Styling: Christo Fifth Avenue Wardrobe provided by Reiss Watches provided by Omega Piano provided by Steinway and Sons Location: 3 World Trade Center / Silverstein Properties (79th floor)

DTM Why did you want to make this video
a) What do you hope the viewers will take away from this video? 

GH: I have always had such a special affinity for Downtown Magazine over the years and I wanted to create a work that showcases and combines fashion, music, style, and elegance with that black-tie feel – it just seemed to be a wonderful combination. The more I thought about it, “When I Fall In Love” from my previous album “Without You” was a perfect musical choice to connect it all together. And we worked in association with Omega watches and Reiss clothing to create the look.  I am hoping that viewers can take away that blend of wonderful music in a visually stunning setting where they can sit back for 5 minutes and be transported somewhere else.

DTM: Tell us about your recently released album?
a) how do you create an album?

GH: My current album “Glass Hour” debuted at #3 on the Classical Billboard charts and comprises the music of Philip Glass for violin and orchestra.  I recorded it with conductor Mark Shapiro and the Janacek Philharmonic and reviews have been great. I remember listening to the movie “The Hours” and being enthralled by the score so I wanted to write and create a work for violin and orchestra based on the movie.  It’s such a really beautiful piece and I’m so proud of it.  The album involved years of planning and meticulous dedication as I was the producer of everything from the orchestral parts to licensing and arranging to all the logistics. We had two days to record in the Czech Republic and it was truly fantastic having the sound of the Philharmonic behind you. It is an experience that I will always treasure!

DTM: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you, and being from Ireland, do they celebrate as we celebrate here in the US?

GH: Valentine’s day is a holiday that exemplifies the romance, the love, and the care that you show to those whom you love. I feel that there is very little difference between how it is celebrated here in the US as opposed to in Ireland.  It’s all about showing those qualities to your partner every day and doing a little something extra on Valentine’s Day.


Gregory Harrington Steinway & Sons 3WTC


DTM: What can we expect coming from Gregory Harrington and his music in 2021?

GH: For 2021, I have changed my focus from live concerts to more online performances.  It will take my industry a long time to get performers successfully back into concert halls where there are full audiences.  Therefore move the focus to online concerts and music videos.  And stay in front of my audience that way.  For the coming year, I’m planning to record some online shows and a Christmas show as well along with a series of music videos based on popular movie themes set in iconic locations around Manhattan.  The is also so much unknown about what lies ahead so I feel being flexible and adapting what presents itself is also important.

DTM: Has COVID affected your work/industry, if so how have you stayed relevant?

GH: As a musician and performing artist, our industry was really hit hard as we rely on full houses to be profitable and earn.  So many are unable to work and the effect will last for most of the ’21 and into ’22.  My last live show was 12 months ago in Amsterdam in the middle of February! Feels like forever! I feel that it’s going to take audiences a long time to regain the confidence in sitting indoors to watch a live performance again.

DTM: Your talent is exceptional, what are your favorite pieces to play and why?

GH: Thank you! There are so many wonderful works and composers – it’s so hard to say. Rather than a specific composer, I prefer to say that I love performing works where I feel I have something individual and personal to communicate to an audience that they might not have heard before. It could range from the Beethoven violin concerto which I adore playing or my arrangement of Nine Inch Nails / Johnny Cash‘s “Hurt” as it has such emotional drive.   Currently, I am loving the music Victor Young created “When I Fall in Love” from the video!


Gregory Harrington 3WTC


DTM: What are you planning this VDay, for your sweetheart?

That’s a surprise! 🙂


GH: Shooting at WTC/Silverstein Properties, was it what you expected, and share some of your favorite events that day?

What a visually stunning location!  Looking out over Manhattan from the 79th floor of 3 World Trade Center gives you such a birds-eye view and special perspective of this wonderful city of New York, out across New Jersey and as far as the eye can see.   A few years ago, I had the beautiful experience of meeting and performing for Mr. Silverstein when he opened The Four Seasons so that was a lovely personal connection for me being in his building beside the stunning vistas that provided the backdrop to create a music video.  There were admittedly so many special moments recording this – every floor to ceiling window on the floor had such a special view of a different area of New York.  From looking down on the Brooklyn Bridge to out across the Statue of Liberty – to call that your “office” for the day was wonderful!

Gregory Harrington 3 WTC

From Downtown New York City, Silverstein Properties, Downtown Magazine, and Gregory Harrington, we wish you a beautiful 2021 Valentine’s Day!

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