What to Consider Before Getting a Short Haircut

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Beauty, Hair

Short Haircut

The thought of getting rid of your luscious locks can be scary. Especially if you have spent years with long hair and don’t know yourself any other way. After all, there is so much comfort in the familiar. Who hasn’t gone into the hair salon with big ideas for a makeover and then chickened out at the last minute and just asked for a trim!

It’s very exciting if you’ve finally made the decision to make a change! Keep reading to ensure you’ve covered your bases and have properly thought out your big decision. Don’t live in hair regret!

What’s Your Usual Hair Routine?

Would you describe yourself as high maintenance or low maintenance when it comes to your hair? You might think that going short might reduce the time spent styling your hair, but in fact, short hair requires a bit of styling too.
A long pixie cut, depending on your hair texture, may also still need to be tamed with hot tools and various products.

Bear in mind, less hair does not mean less time! On the plus side, it’s so easy to spice up a short hairstyle with the right accessories for short hair. Invest in some great headbands to disguise your hair on the days you don’t feel like styling.

Go Short Gradually

Going short gradually could be a great way to ease yourself into a new hairstyle. If you have hair long enough to sit on, consider taking your hair up, bit by bit, to avoid the huge shock factor of getting it all cut off in one go! With every small transition, you should get a good idea if you are comfortable with having short hair. Or if you know what you want and you’re the spontaneous sort, just go for it!

Consider the Style

Maybe your favorite celebrity has inspired you! Gather lots of inspiration before you choose the short style you want. Find pictures of your dream haircut from all angles, remember it’s not just the front that’s being cut.
Think about whether the style would be flattering for your face shape and if it would match your overall style. A good option could be to mimic the style before you go under the scissors.

Try a wig or pinning your hair up to get a realistic idea. Take some pictures of yourself and look at them every day to see if you would really be happy seeing this style in the mirror reflecting back at you.

Short hair can also suit any hair color. If your haircut has recently been transformed, why not consider a daring color next. It’s the perfect time to experiment with different shades! Check out Schwarzkopf’s guide on great hairstyles for short blonde hair if you’re looking for some inspiration. 


Schwarzkopf’s hair guide


Choose the Right Stylist

The stylist can make or break your haircut. Look around for the one you think will give you the look you’re longing for. Check out online reviews or ask around for recommendations from friends and colleagues.
Consider a consultation with the stylist before you book in for the hair appointment. Getting their professional insight into whether you have the right hair texture for the style can be of huge benefit.

They will likely advise you on which style would be best and give you more comfortable going into the next appointment.
With your new short haircut, ensure your skin is looking fresh with our guide on how to keep your skin glowing this winter.

Hopefully, you will be more than pleased with your decision to go short. But remember, if you come out of the hair salon and aren’t sure if you have made the right decision, hair grows much faster than you think!

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