“In Vino” Evolves from Wine Bar to Authentic Italian Eatery

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Dining, Downtown Eats Guides

Exterior In Vino

While there is no shortage of delicious and scenic restaurants in the East Village, few would be able to boast the atmosphere and extensive wine list of In Vino. This is because the restaurant started out as a wine bar, with hundreds of wines from 20 regions in Italy. Now, In Vino has expanded to a full-blown restaurant with rustic-yet-reimagined Italian dishes. They also offer weekly events like “Tasting Tuesdays” where guests can enjoy wines from the massive In Vino collection. They also have a $25 Sunday evening prix-fixe called “Sunday Gravy” that includes a $15 bottle of wine.

In Vino Restaurant 2

Quaglie Grilled Marinated Quail

We had the pleasure of dining at In Vino, eager to sample the delicious food and something off of the wine menu. The interior was romantic as well as cozy with rustic furniture and dim light fixtures shining off the walls. The staff was friendly and completely eager to explain all of the delicious components of the menu to us. We ordered an assortment from the menu, which was all rich and delicious from the grilled marinated quail to the pumpkin ravioli and tiramisu. It definitely didn’t hurt that every course came with a new glass of delicious Italian wine. Out of the busting group of options in the East Village for a meal, In Vino is unique in its authenticity towards the region that it is inspired by. It offers variety in both food in wine that differing tastes and palettes can appreciate. We definitely plan to be back soon for an intimate night with a friend (or maybe a date) for delectable food and wine.