These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your CBD Oil Experience

by | May 22, 2020 | Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Wellness

So, you want to try CBD oil? CBD oil comes in many varieties and can offer a wide range of benefits to its users.

People all over the country are raving about CBD oil for everything from anxiety to appetite stimulation to pain management and beyond. The best part? Most of CBD’s benefits are actually backed by science, so you don’t have to worry about these claims being purely anecdotal and unresearched. 

If you’re looking to start using CBD oil on a daily basis, there are some things to understand first, and a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid during the process. For a good experience, you’ll need to be patient, buy the right products, and use your oil consistently. Take a look at these five common mistakes before you buy, so you’ll better understand how to maximize your experience. 

1. Buying Cheap CBD Oil


There’s a good chance you’ve noticed that your local stores are now carrying CBD oil. Even gas stations seem to be jumping on the bandwagon, ordering cheap CBD oil to sell beside candy bars and soda pop. Let’s get one thing straight: you’re probably not going to find high-quality CBD oil in a gas station. 


This is usually the first mistake new users make. They’re unsure where to go to get the best CBD oil on the market and wind up at a local store buying whatever is on the shelf. It’s cheap, after all, and saving money is important, right? Of course, it is, but if you want the full CBD experience, you’re going to have to spend a little more than $10. 


That’s not to say there aren’t great CBD oil brands that offer affordable options. Most regular-sized bottles of CBD oil fall right around $40-60, which is cheap in the CBD space without sacrificing quality. If you’re getting a bottle of CBD oil for $10, there’s probably a reason it’s that cheap. 


Essentially, buying cheap CBD oil just means you’re wasting your time and your money. Sure, you saved a few dollars on your initial purchase, but once you realize your CBD isn’t working because it’s a cheap knock-off, you’re going to have to buy more. By the time you do all that, you’ve already spent the equivalent in time and money as buying from a good brand. 


Do yourself a favor and set aside a bit of money to maximize your CBD experience. Research the top brands, compare prices, and go from there. Above all else, stay away from your local gas station CBD oil! 

2. Independently Tested CBD 


Whether you’re using CBD oil for anxiety, pain, inflammation, or something else, you want it to be potent so that it works properly. High-quality ingredients, maximum potency, and a commitment to customer service are the standards to which you should hold your CBD provider and products. 


A good way to judge the quality of a CBD brand is by checking to see if the brand has its products independently tested by a third-party laboratory. This testing will help ensure the quality, consistency, and potency of the CBD extract, and ensure you’re getting a top-notch product. 


This is also a good indicator of the brand’s commitment to its customers and products. A brand that ensures quality by having its products tested is ensuring that it’s only providing the best products to its customers. This level of accountability is something a customer can appreciate, especially in an industry without a lot of regulation. 

3. Expecting Immediate Results 


One of the most common mistakes that new CBD users make is expecting immediate results. Your CBD isn’t going to work overnight, or even within a few days. You must consistently take CBD for a number of weeks before enough is built up in your system to have positive effects. 


Most users think their first dose of CBD is going to make them happier, healthier, sleep better, and experience less pain and anxiety. If you feel like your CBD works right away, it could very well be a placebo effect, because CBD doesn’t work like that. Although the body is set up to receive cannabinoids, since CBD doesn’t bind directly to receptors as THC does, the effects require a build-up in the body to occur. 

4. Inconsistent Doses 


Even if you understand that CBD doesn’t work right away, you may not understand the importance of consistency in your dosage. You can’t exactly build up CBD in your system if you’re not taking the same amount every day. It’s the same as a medication or multivitamin; in order for it to be effective, you need to remain consistent at all times. 


It’s ok to miss one or two doses, but if you start missing days at a time, you’ll disrupt the entire process. Miss enough time, and you’ll have to start over at square one. Be patient with yourself and with your CBD oil. It does work, but you have to wait and continue to take it consistently for a few weeks before you’ll see results. 


Once the CBD is built up in your system, it will take less time for your CBD dose to kick in. Some athletes use CBD oils and products for their post-workout recovery because it helps with pain and inflammation, but those results only occur when the athlete consistently takes their CBD. 

5. Assumptions 


The assumption is the death of experience. If you want to maximize your CBD experience, set aside all of your assumptions, preconceived notions, and worries. CBD is safe, legitimate, and can provide great results if you’re just patient. When you assume things, you’re setting yourself up for a bad experience. 


Don’t’ assume CBD doesn’t work, or that it’s a hoax or any other negative assumptions that CBD has been the victim of. Most of the negativity surrounding CBD oils and products is from people who don’t understand what it is or how it operates or the difference between CBD and THC. 




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