The Rise of NYC’s Doggie Leggings

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Downtown Living, Fashion, Featured, Featured, Pets

Think about your grossest NYC sidewalk experience. Think about your top ten. Would you want you or your loved ones to be barefoot for any of them? Walkee Paws wanted to know why your dog should be any different?

While looking for solutions, NYC dog-mom Lisa Baronoff found more dog-walking problems than solutions. Not only could the germs and filth from the street accumulate on her dogs’ feet, causing illness, but all of that filth ends up getting tracked back into the home. A tidy home meant spending time holding down their four-legged family members to wipe their feet off. Not fun for anybody. There are pet shoes and booties, but that experience is like trying to put shoes on two toddlers at once. The same could be said for carrying them around, depending on the dog. 

Those concerns are even more troubling during extreme weather. During one heatwave this July, pavement temperatures reached a skin-blistering 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow freezes toes, and snow-melting chemicals can be even worse. “The chemical salts that are put down on city streets to melt the ice or snow will severely crack the pads on your dog’s paws,” says Daniel Gomez of Walkee Paws, “and if they lick their paws with residual salt on the paws and legs it will most likely cause them to get sick, vomit, and have diarrhea.”

After years of trial and error, Baronoff created Walkee Paws, the world’s first doggie leggings. Built for comfort, they slip around the legs and tie over the back, and come with rubber soles for your dog’s feet. When you’re done, they’re just as easy to take off and easy to clean. “I think the best way to get your pet to walk in Walkee paws outside,” says Gomez, “is to put the Walkee Paws on your pet in your home and let them walk around to get used to walking around in them, once they are used to the feeling, take them for their walk!”

Check out Walkee Paws online today and get 15% off if you include code: 15offwalkee at checkout.

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