The Anthony

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Dining

The Anthony is a restaurant and lounge located in the midst of the buzzing Bleecker Street. There’s more to the Anthony than meets the eye, which aims to transport us back to the ambiance of Greenwich Village in the 1950’s. The spot is named after Anthony Lispenard Bleecker, the 18th century entrepreneur who owned many properties throughout the Village. That’s enough history for one day – time to discuss the food.

The menu revolves around comfort pub fare, inspired by cuisine from around the world. You won’t find the usual mac and cheese, burger or fries here – the Anthony gives our favorite dishes a contemporary twist. The Maine Lobster Fondre is an extremely creamy version of lobster mac and cheese, and comes with an entire half-lobster portion. Not impressed yet? Wait until you hear about those crispy Cacio e Pepe fries, topped with shaved pecorino, fresh cracked black pepper and a perfect parmesan pepper aioli — thanks Anthony, now we will never be able to eat regular aioli again.

Other highlights include the Duck & Waffles, and the signature Tony Prime Burger with creamed spinach cheese. And at least there’s a serving of veggies on there (= balance).
No matter how much you eat, there’s always room for dessert — especially if they are made by Michelin-starred pastry chef Ashton Warren. The coconut cake is topped with coconut flakes, balancing the softness of the cake with a crunchy bite. The side of strawberries adds to the sweetness and rounds out the meal perfectly.
After dinner, The Anthony turns into a nightlife scene, making it the perfect spot to go with a group of friends.

Photography by Siobhan Gunner

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