Ten NYC Foodie Instagrammers To Follow

by | May 1, 2017 | Dining

Living to eat rather than eating to live? You’re not alone! Here are ten flavorful NYC foodie Instagrammers to follow. We promise you won’t be disappointed… just hungry.
Missnewfoodie is a girl in her twenties with a great sense of humor–and appetite. Emily’s feed is colorful, funny and delicious! Expect a lot of indulgent food that will make you hungry: donuts, pizza and pancakes.

Hungry.blonde is run by Gracie Gordon–blonde and always hungry: and thus the hungry.blonde Instagram account was born! She shares pictures of her balanced lifestyle with pictures of healthy food, fitness, as well as some indulgent eats!

Jasoneats is a real estate agent by day, Instagrammer by night. Jason Baker’s feed revolves around savory food, and you can tell he loves a good burger. As a member of the gotham burger social club, he eats and rates the best burgers in NYC and beyond.

Skyler Bouchard is the girl behind NYCdining, eating sushi to bagels and beyond.  She’s also a FoodNetwork host, as well as the manufacturer of BallsyBites, turning all types of food in balls. Her cookie dough balls and lobster mac ‘n cheese balls are available to order if you’re based in NYC!

Mollytavoletti is a Brooklyn-based girl with excellent photography and writing skills. If you’re looking for something more than just pictures of food, this is the Instagram account to follow. Her short stories always manage to suck you in, leaving you inspired or with a smile on your face.

Devourpower is run by a couple that quit their jobs to eat and travel. Talk about life and couple goals. Their feed consists of the biggest burgers, mighty mac and cheese and a lot of taco tuesdays. They recently reached 400k followers, something else to be jealous off.

Hotspothunter eats and writes her way through New York City. Siobhan is known to have a sweet tooth and dedicates her time to finding the best desserts in the city. Her feed involves a lot of colorful cookies, ice cream and funny food puns.

The most important meal of the day in the weekend? Brunch of course! If you’re a creature of habit and go to the same places for brunch every weekend, you need to follow brunchboys. His feed will gave you some ultimate brunch inspiration.

If you love looking at colorful pictures of food, you will love hungrybetches. Michele Mansoor has a unique style when it comes to photographing food: holding food up against a wall, creating the most visually artistic food pics.

Mike Chau started his Instagram Foodbabyny in 2013, sharing his love for food and his baby Matthew. Now a few years later, Matthew isn’t a baby anymore and has an equally cute sister. Mike still takes photos of the best food in NYC with his adorable, and often hilarious children, in the background.

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