Tapping into the Spiritual Forces Around You

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Wellness


Tapping into the Light for Answers Unseen 

A wise man once said, ‘If G-d is infinite in his power and wisdom, then every life is equally precious. By deduction, nothing can be worthless or more.’ On the surface, many of us feel trapped by the physical restraints of the corporeal world. The boundaries, borders, and limitations we face oftentimes curtail our aspirations, clipping our proverbial wings before we take flight. So many of the challenges we face are summarily dismissed by cliched expressions – ‘That’s Life’ – ‘That’s the way the cookie crumbles’ – ‘There is plenty of fish in the sea’ – ‘This too will pass’, et al. When we seek answers, we need more than empty platitudes. 

The trials and tribulations we encounter desperately require solutions.

Left to our own devices, the resolution is managed by an oftentimes frail emotional mindset. If we are broken inside, searching and yearning for answers, it is no wonder we can’t make any sense of the world we live in. It seems absolutely impossible to see the light when we are enveloped in a stranglehold of darkness. The suffocating embrace of emptiness and despair is truly soul-destroying. When the world appears to have turned its back on us, we often turn inward for resolution. We yearn for answers, from within the very core of our being. 

Sometimes, we need to look beyond the obvious.

Well beyond the textbooks and literature. An innate understanding of the universe is beyond the scope of human comprehension, but every now and then the universe provides humanity with vessels with a deeper understanding of the great unknown. Indeed, in the space-time continuum, everything is relative, and it is theoretically possible to bend time and space to understand the future in the present. This metaphysical approach to understanding the corporeal world and all its maladies proves useful in the presence of guru guides. These soulful readers exist among us, in the form of palm readers, Tarot card readers, Fortune Tellers and Astrologists. 

A natural degree of skepticism is healthy, but the true value of this type of metaphysical service is evident with a free psychics reading online.

The universe is a hotbed of unbridled energy

Perpetually expanding and contracting with each of its infinite components. This energy is never lost or destroyed; it is merely transferred across the universe occupying myriad different forms, ad nauseam. When these metaphysical elements are shared with special human beings, the power of insight is unlocked and it is at that precise moment that the ‘enlightened’ among others truly blossom with a gift so precious it cannot be ignored.




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