A Super Sweet Sweet 16 at Dylan’s Candy Bar

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Coming Up, Events

Today marks a particularly sweet Sweet 16, as the popular candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar celebrates 16 years of sweetening the lives of those around it.

And how are they celebrating, you might ask? In the sweetest way, they know how; by paying it forward.

By Jessica Biel

The birthday bash tonight will feature candy mosaics designed by celebrities as such Julianne Moore, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Michael Strahan, to name a few.

These candy mosaics will then be auctioned off. The full sales from each mosaic will benefit charities of each celebrities’ choice.

“We wanted to commemorate our “Sweet 16″ in a fun and meaningful way: working with talent from the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture, who embody the spirit of Dylan’s Candy Bar, to ultimately inspire and awaken the creative spirit and inner-child in others,” Lauren explained.

By Bobby Flay

Some of the benefiting charities include Dylan’s Candy BarN, Heifer International, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Ronald McDonald House, among several other worthy causes.

Sweet Beginnings

Back in 2001, Dylan Lauren opened up the doors to her first candy store on Third Ave. in NYC. But she started dreaming up the sweets shop long before.

“When I was 6 years old, I knew I wanted to open the modern-day equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory,” Lauren said.

Photo: Mike Coppola, Getty Images

“I have been a lifelong candy lover, even comparing myself to an everlasting gobstopper in my college admittance essays, and with my father in the fashion industry, I knew my mission was to create the world’s largest candy store that merged the worlds of fashion, art and pop culture with candy,” she added.

And so she did. With vibrant decór, colorful touches, beyond mouthwatering sweets, and fun collaborations with Terez, Mean Girls and The Mindy Project, Lauren has made life sweeter for so many throughout the past 16 years. And that deserves a big hurrah!

Charities and Candies

That the Sweet 16 comes with a charitable component is no surprise. Lauren is always looking to give back. Dylan’s Candy BarN has long supported animal organizations by hosting fundraising events, encouraging adoption, assisting rescue efforts and highlighting the value of formal pet training and proper pet care.

Additionally, Lauren became involved with Heifer International earlier this year, where she went with them to Ecuador.

“Here, I saw first-hand how the organization helped Heifer farmers lift themselves out of poverty and hunger by providing tools and agricultural training. After being so inspired by my trip, Dylan’s Candy Bar will be releasing a special edition Heifer International chocolate bar that will benefit the organization next year,” Lauren revealed.

By Ralph Lauren

However, first up are the candy mosaics for the sweet 16 birthday celebration, and Lauren couldn’t be any more excited.

“Every participant created stunning pieces of art, and I’m thrilled that each one will benefit a worthy cause,” she explained.

“From our work with Dylan’s Candy BarN and most recently with Heifer International, charity has always been important to Dylan’s Candy Bar, and it’s fantastic to see everyone come together to celebrate art and creativity, all while benefiting these amazing charities,” she added.

A sweet future

As always, a birthday is both for looking back – and looking ahead. And it looks like the future will be just as bright and sweet as the past.

“As we’re celebrating the past 16 sweet years, I’m also excited to look ahead to what’s next for the company, from international expansion to more fun partnerships,” Lauren said.

International expansion? Why yes! Dylan’s Candy Bar is going abroad.

“After 16 years in the U.S. and millions of international tourists visiting our flagship stores over the years, we’re ready to bring Dylan’s Candy Bar to the rest of the globe. We have our sights set first on the Middle East, with plans to expand to Canada, U.K. and Asia in the coming years,” she said.

Happy birthday, dear Dylan’s Candy Bar. We can’t wait to taste… We mean, see what’s next!

Check out the mosaics, full list of participants and how to bid here.

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