Summer In NYC: What To Do & Get Done By The End Of This Summer

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If you’re a tourist visiting New York City, you’ll of course want to find the best things to do in the city. For those who live in the city already, however, you can still visit like a tourist to see all that the city has to offer. The number one thing you can do if you don’t already live in the city is have the best movers in New York City move you there, so you can partake of the excitement and delights that this lively city has to offer its residents.

1. Celebrate Brooklyn

The Bandshell in Prospect Park has concerts throughout the summer. They normally take place between June and August each year. This music festival highlights the diversity of music genres in the city from indie-rock bands to soul to funk or hip-hop. Many of the events are free with a suggested donation of a few dollars for the event, and there are opportunities to support the events with benefit gigs.

2. Bronx Zoo

Whether you want to visit the zoo with your significant other or your entire family, there are animals and attractions at the Bronx Zoo for everyone. There are penguin feedings, sea lion feedings, bug carousel and a 4D theater. A certain section of the zoo is set apart for children to experience the zoo with an area for a petting zoo where they can see miniature horse and pet the sheep. For older kids and adults, there are attractions like Tiger Mountain and the Congo Indoor Area where you can see the animals of Africa.


3. Astoria Park Pool

Between the hours of 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM, you can bring the family to the Astoria Park Pool. If you don’t know how to swim that well, you can take advantage of the free swimming lessons offered by NYC Parks. This pool has been the setting of historic events. It’s one of the largest pools in the country. It has a main pool, which meets Olympic standards, a diving pool and a wading pool. It was built in 1936, and was the pool used for the Olympic trials of that year.

4. Bryant Park

There are so many events to take part in at Bryant Park over the summer. The HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival is just one event. The location opens around 5:00 PM for people to bring blankets, get their spots and have a picnic. The movies start between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM every Monday. Other events in the park include free juggling lessons, Mah Jongg lessons, storytime for children and mini golf challenges.

5. Free Concerts in Central Park

In the summer, there are various concerts being held like the one mentioned above in Prospect Park. Free concerts in the park is a summer tradition for New Yorkers. The concerts run from May through September each year, so visitors and residents of New York City can experience shows from unknowns to big name artists. Tickets aren’t required for the free events, but you’ll want to show up at least an hour early to get the best locations.

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6. Yankee Stadium

When in the city, you can attend a game at the famous Yankee Stadium. Many people don’t attend games while visiting because they’re worried about the costs. Tickets can range from $17 per person in the bleachers to suites costing almost $500. If you avoid buying overpriced drinks and souvenirs, you can easily get the experience of a live game for less than $20 per person. It’s a great experience that shouldn’t be missed when visiting New York.

7. Rockaway Beach

There are plenty of beaches around New York City. Rockaway Beach has a boardwalk as well as areas to surf, which is the only beach where surfers can do so legally. There are plenty of playgrounds for the children as well as activities like yoga. There are movie nights, skate parties and Zumba fitness classes available at the park too. You don’t have to miss out on your workouts just because you’re on vacation.

There are plenty of free and cheap activities for people who are visiting NYC as well as those who are full-time residents. It’s one of the best cities for activities since there are so many people in the five boroughs.

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