Serfas Gloves: Fit to be Ridden

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Photo: Courtesy of Serfas

Gloves are probably the most neglected yet important apparel items in cycling. Any experienced cyclist will tell you that not wearing gloves is completely foolish. In this sport there is one certainty that will always hold true regarding the dreaded crash: It is not a matter of if you will crash, but when. When that event occurs, your hands, out of natural defense, will hopefully hit the ground first before your head does. Yes, the major reason you wear a helmet. But since we are on the subject of gloves, this is why you wear gloves, to reduce major abrasions from the road.

Serfas has been manufacturing innovative cycling products for the past 20 years. On their long list of merchandise are gloves, of which they have not neglected. Recently they unveiled their Rx Glove System. It was engineered to reduce harmful pressure and compression on both the ulnar and median nerves of the hand. This reduction increases blood flow, reduces hand fatigue, and prevents numbness in the hands. All of this ensures superior comfort while griping the bars as you ride.

Recently I discovered yet another one of their great ideas with my new Men’s RX Short Finger road gloves. Easy off loops on each glove make the removal of the gloves extremely easy, something that all cyclists know can be frustrating.

With the cold weather now upon us, the Serfas Men’s Pro Full Finger gloves are an excellent choice. Offered in four colors and sizes, you will be more than satisfied with their inventory. I used mine last weekend and they were amazingly comfortable. Not only are they attractive but they are lightweight and durable as well.

So remember to cover those hands each and every time you ride. Let Serfas gloves be a part of your cycling wardrobe and bring cycling to life.

-John Cap Capobianco M.Ed. 

1000x1000_52f27596477c3Serfas Men’s Pro Full Finger Gloves


Serfas Men’s RX Short Finger road gloves


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