Cycle Haus – Mobile Bike shop

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New York has it’s very own mobile bike shop. Founded by Jonathan Romero. In 2010 Jonathan moved to Germany and ended up working at his friend’s bike shop.

During a leisurely bike ride along Brooklyn Bridge Park, I noticed this eye-catching truck with German stripes. Contrary to my Italian instincts, I still pulled over to inquire as to their cycling services.  I met Jonathan and his partner Anastasiia Chub, a talent in her own right. She manages the day to day operations and creative aspect of the business

I haven’t regretted it!

As an avid cyclist, I’m more than excited to share this business with all New York cyclists, as Jonathan and Anastasiia have been a life saver several times in our short friendship.

Jonathan, learned everything mechanically to do with cycling and quickly learned the cycling industry. “Working in one of Northern Germany’s busiest shops was a fantastic experience. Throughout the years my passion for cycling grew and I knew it was finally time to make this idea come true. I wanted to bring that experience from Germany here to New York”. Cycle Haus was born.


Cycle Haus - Mobile Bike shop

Jonathan Romero


DTM: Tell us your background and where you are from?

CH: I am a native New Yorker. In 2012 I moved to Germany for 3 years and ended up
working in a friend’s bike shop, a friend who turned into family. He taught and showed
me everything mechanically and on the business end of the cycling industry. Working in
one of Northern Germany’s busiest shops was a fantastic experience.

DTM: How long have you been cycling?

CH: I have been cycling since my childhood. My mom used to take me and my friends on
bike rides to Far Rockaway, parks and beaches. I even remember taking my bicycle late
night to go play soccer with my friends at Pier 40 – Fun times.


Cycle Haus - Mobile Bike shop

DTM: When did this idea come to you to create a mobile cycling shop and why?

CH: Throughout the years my passion for cycling grew and I knew it was finally time to make this idea come true. I wanted to bring excellent experience from Germany, here, to New York. After searching for a storefront and realizing that everything is way overpriced,
that our customer base would be limited to a particular area – I thought why not to go
mobile and be able to help as many people as I can.

DTM: What are some of the comments you’re hearing from your current clients?

CH: Our customers love convenience, that they don’t have to get out of their house, carry
bikes to the shop and wait for weeks to pick it up. We get most jobs done on the spot,
while clients spend time with their family or don’t get interrupted at their job. Also, a lot
of customers noticed that we are cheaper than their local bike shop, which I am happy
with since my goal is to bring cycling culture up in New York City closer to how it is in


Cycle Haus - Mobile Bike shop

Cycle Haus IG

DTM: What do you want all New Yorkers to know about your business?

CH: We bring a fully equipped bike shop to your door or wherever you are on your bike ride. Now you can have your own support team whether you ride for the breeze, the fitness, the transportation or the suffering of it all – Cycle Haus will be by your side.

DTM: How do we find you or rather how do you find us?

Just Google us. We are always on the go and a lot of times our customers send
“spotted” pictures of the van on the streets to us. That’s funny, this is a small world.

DTM: Are your prices less expensive than going into a brick and mortar cycle shop?

CH: I would say – Yes. We are less expensive than other shops in the New York area, based
on our customers’ feedback.

A)DTM: Do you feel you’re in competition with the cycle shops?

CH: No, I do not. I do not like to look at it as a competition. We are all passionate about
cycling and are always looking to help grow the cycling community. There are more
than 8 million people in the New York City area and a single shop cannot service them

DTM: What other items or services can I purchase from you or is it just for a quick

CH: You can purchase everything from nutritions, bar tape to freshen up your ride, a bicycle to cruise around town and all the way to a cycling support team that will keep your bike running, give you a boost over a hill, fuel you up, so you can ride further, faster and


Cycle Haus - Mobile Bike shop

Cycle Haus IG

DTM: What do you love about Cycling?

CH: The freedom it gives you.


Cycle Haus - Mobile Bike shop

Cycle Haus IG


DTM: Have you seen an increase or decrease in business since COVID-19?

CH: I have seen an increase in business for sure. I have a lot of calls from essential
workers, many of which understand the risk and do not wish to take public transportation,
that’s why first responders are always my first priorities. Also, sadly to say, I see that
people are stuck at home, can’t get their routine in and are looking for alternative
opportunities – finding their bicycles in their garages stuck for years and trying to get
some exercise in. That is why I get most of the calls today and am working some days
until midnight, trying to squeeze everyone in, to help as many people I can.

Cyclists, when you are on the road no matter where in New York, and you find yourself in need of a bike fix, pick up your phone and dial 516.412.9847.

Cycle Haus - Mobile Bike shop


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