Platinum Poire co-founders Rori Sassoon & Dr. Errol Gluck talk matchmaking, dating etiquette & more

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Downtown Living

Platinum Poire's Rori Sassoon & Dr. Errol Gluck

Platinum Poire co-founders Rori Sassoon & Dr. Errol Gluck

A VIP, invite-only, power couple service, Platinum Poire aims to create lasting relationships for elite singles. The matchmaking of Platinum Poire is research-based as the company’s vetting of its clients includes background checks, personality testing, and financial analysis. In turn, the Platinum Poire database has a strong reputation of being full of successful and committed individuals.

Platinum Poire was co-founded by Rori Sassoon and Dr. Errol Gluck. Dr. Gluck is revered as the top in the nation for neuroplasticity, while also excelling in the field of executive life coaching. Rori has an extensive background in image consultation and styling. In turn, Rori and Dr. Gluck’s skill-sets complement one another’s, guaranteeing that Platinum Poire’s clients are presenting themselves optimally on all ends.

Downtown spoke with both Rori and Dr. Gluck on the eve of Valentine’s Day. But as the two made clear in our Q&A, matchmaking is a year-round business, not at all centered around Feb. 14. More on Platinum Poire can be found at, while the company can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

Platinum Poire's Rori Sassoon & Dr. Errol Gluck

Rori Sassoon & Dr. Errol Gluck

How did you two first meet? When did it become obvious that you needed to go into business together? 

Rori Sassoon: I came to Dr. Gluck as an executive life-coaching client looking for professional inspiration on my next steps in life after successfully blending two families.

Dr. Errol Gluck: I instantly realized Rori’s high emotional acuity and vivacious spirit and discussions began for forming Platinum Poire. Creating the company had been of great interest for me as throughout my 40-plus years in private practice, I have made over 75 successfully-lasting couples; I knew I had a penchant for matchmaking to say the least. And with Rori as a partner, another match made in heaven was created!

What makes your company different from matchmaking services? 

RS: A number of very important factors separate Platinum Poire from other matchmaking companies. First, Dr. Gluck’s long standing experience as a forensic profiler acts as Platinum Poire’s secret weapon. Dr. Gluck’s ability to read people and truly get into their heads, learning their past mistakes, their patterns, their goals quickly assists in forming a well rounded picture of who they would match up with based on their inside. Additionally, Platinum Poire has no expiration for the membership, this is a reflection of a belief in the process of finding real lasting love. Additionally, we offer relationship coaching as we are both qualified as relationship experts. This helps our client’s success in dating, which of course their success is our success.

How did you go about matching people up? What is the sign-up process like?

RS: The process of on-boarding clients begins with our “inquiries” email, at which point potential clients send in a photo and bio in preparation for a phone call where they learn about the history of Platinum Poire and the logistics of membership. From there, the interested party arranges a consultation with me to make certain there is chemistry on both sides and to confirm that Platinum Poire’s existing client base is a good fit for them.

Platinum Poire's Rori Sassoon & Dr. Errol Gluck

Rori Sassoon & Dr. Errol Gluck

DEG: The next step after a commitment to join is the profiling experience with me, where all notes — which remain confidential — are then used to assist in the actual matchmaking. From there, introductions are done one on one and discreetly via email, there is no online database access for clients.

Are there any couple success stories that you’re allowed to talk about? 

RS: We have one special couple who are engaged to be married. Their story is significant because of the level of joy that their partnership brought to each other’s lives and family. Rachel was divorced after a 16-year marriage and had three children, one of which was special needs. This fact required her future partner to be a man of exception caliber. We introduced her to Dave, a wonderful kind-hearted man who had never been married and was very eager for a family to bond with. The chemistry was instant thankfully, and in very little time they took the relationship to the next level, building their own loving family unit together.

Is there a peak time of year for what you do? Is it Valentine’s Day? 

DEG: Love happens as often and as mystically as death does. There is no peak time in matchmaking.

In general, what do you wish more people knew about dating? Are there particular mistakes that people make that you feel hold them back?

RS: The first mistake people tend to make frequently is to underestimate and/or overestimate themselves and their potential date. Jumping to conclusions too quickly. They need to trust the process.

For you personally, what would an ideal date look like? 

RS: I love a day date that turns to an evening date if there’s chemistry. For instance, starting with a tour of a vineyard and ending up at a romantic restaurant.

DEG: The ideal date is shared communication, and a shared experience that is something outside of the box, which then ends in a romantic place without expectations.

What’s coming up for Platinum Poire in the coming months?

RS: Platinum Poire has great things on the horizon. There will be significant media exposure, as well as well attended events which increases the number of new clients, which Platinum Poire potentially absorbs. Platinum Poire is also collaborating with other luxury brands for an opportunity of mutual success.

When not busy with the company, how do you like to spend your free time?

DEG; We both continue the pursuit of the company even well after business hours. It’s a passion for us; there is no clocking out.

RS: It is a constant pursuit of networking at hotspots and researching to spread the seeds of love.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in New York?

RS: Polo Bar.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

RS: It’s better to take things slow and really get to know someone — the good, bad, and the ugly — than to hastily get yourself into the wrong relationship. No relationship is better than being in the wrong relationship.

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