One Wall Street Breathes Life Into Red Room

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Downtown Living, Lifestyle

By Addison Franz

Lower Manhattan is constantly changing and developing. Along the way, some buildings lose all traces of their original beauty, but One Wall Street continues to hold onto its historic architecture as it undergoes its transition from an office building to a residential condominium.

Photos provided by OWS.

Under the ownership of Harry Macklowe, One Wall Street’s preservation and development has been a 16-month process. Since it was originally designed by Art Deco icon Ralph Walker in 1932, the purpose of the building has changed from serving time as the Bank of New York to becoming a repurposed residential hub.

The final challenge in the revamping of One Wall Street is the iconic “Red Room”, which is known for its meticulous, detail-filled composition.

The Red Room was designed by Hildreth Meière in 1931 as a multi-colored glass tile mosaic. Although it was originally the building’s banking hall, this testament of time will be rejuvenated as a retail space with doors expected to open in 2021.

As for the rest of the building, occupancy is expected to begin as early as 2020. There are nearly 600 multi-million-dollar condos each with engineered hardwood floors, breathtaking views, washer/dryer sets, and Miele appliances included.

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