The New Lamborghini Urus SUV

by | May 1, 2018 | Featured, Lifestyle, News

When you think of Lamborghini, a sport utility vehicle probably isn’t the first image to pop into your head. After the appearance of the 2018 Lamborghini Urus, it will most likely still not be the first image to pop into your head, but it is a preliminary step in that direction. With off-road features, an interior full of the latest tech and some distinct characteristics that are uniquely Lamborghini, the Urus makes an attempt to carve out its own space in the luxury SUV market.

Lamborghini Urus Sliding Through Dirt

Sporting a 650hp V8 bi-turbo engine, the Urus has plenty of get-up-and-go, and it also has all of the racing specs you need to have a good time on the track and put up consistently quick lap times. However, if you find yourself cruising down 10th Avenue more often than on the Nurburgring, its high-performance output may be a bit of opportunity loss.  The interior is distinctly a product of the manufacturer, with those stylish Italian touches, sharp edges and beautiful materials glistening at every corner. The infotainment system sports two touchscreens, three HD displays and 3D surround sound so you can blast Pavarotti to your heart’s content while tackling traffic jams.

If you’re heading out of town for some adventure, the Urus will be able to keep up. This new addition to the luxury SUV category has three off-road modes: NEVE, TERRA and SABBIA. These modes are for a range of surfaces and traction conditions to keep your ride comfortable, even in some pretty harsh conditions. While not as rough-and-tumble as some of the other vehicles in this category (i.e. Range Rovers, etc.), it can plow through sand dunes and keep its legs underneath it on a slippery corner at high speed, certainly making the Urus worth its salt and deserving of the sport utility title.

Lamborghini Urus in Black Driving Down Street

While the interior absolutely screams Lamborghini, the exterior is a bit more cryptic in its representation of this legendary automobile manufacturer. It has sharp lines, aggressive styling and a modern,honeycomb-style grill, but it doesn’t particularly look like a Lamborghini. It’s round, and it looks – well – a bit too regular to sit beside the Aventador and Huracan as a family member.

The Urus is a step in a new direction. While the exterior does fall a bit flat, the folks at Lamborghini have manufactured a fun, functional and admittedly luxurious SUV that does everything it advertises as advertised. What more can you ask for?

Learn more about the Urus on the Lamborghini website, and for more auto and tech news, head over to our tech spot.

Images courtesy of the manufacturer.

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