My experience going to college during a pandemic

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Education, Education, Lifestyle, Wellness

The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. From the loss of jobs, lack of opportunities to safely socialize, and more, people around the world felt the impact of the pandemic. As I finish up my junior year, I realize that I learned quite a bit from taking in-person classes at college during a pandemic.

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1. Teamwork is extremely important

As expected, there were a few outbreaks on campus throughout the semester. However, COVID-19 cases almost always spiked as a result of students failing to follow safety guidelines. Even when a majority of students follow the safety guidelines, the failure of a few students to do so will still lead to outbreaks on campus. It was essential for students to work together to prevent others from getting sick. We were able to effectively work together as a school to stop the spread, finishing the school year with two successful semesters in-person.

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

2. Planning your days helps you get a lot done

Being on campus always helped me focus more, but when the pandemic was factored in, I sometimes found it difficult to focus on my studies. In addition, since many of my classes were still virtual, the amount of work I had to do out of class was overwhelming. I realized that if I made deadlines for myself, I got work done in a more efficient manner. Planning your day really makes a difference in productivity.

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3. It’s okay to give yourself a break

It’s frustrating when you’ve been working for a long time and get nothing done. This was something that I experienced often while at school. Due to the pandemic, there were a lot fewer activities to participate in. In addition, interaction with friends in other housing areas was occasionally not allowed depending on the number of cases on campus. As someone who relies on social interaction with friends as a refreshing break, this was very difficult for me. I found new ways to effectively give myself breaks such as cooking or baking, watching TV, and going on walks around campus.


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4. Be thankful for what you have

Before the pandemic, I found myself living in the future instead of enjoying the present. Being at college during the pandemic taught me to enjoy every fun moment I had like it was my last. When I was able to safely spend time with my friends, I cherished these opportunities. Even if my junior year was not what I had hoped for, I am thankful for the experience I had.

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