Motor Cycle Kings: Eric Bonnetain

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See how some of New York’s power players ride around the city in style.

Some of the most successful businessmen in New York City, from Google to Ciprianis, are ditching their suits on the weekend and trading them in for leather gear. Exchanging the boardroom for open roads, these successful men are turning to motorcycles to free themselves from the grind of city life. Not only are motorcycles classically cool, but they provide those who ride a feeling of freedom, adventure and challenge. See why men are loving being a part of the bike fraternity.

What do you do professionally?
I’ve been working as the general manager of Cipriani’s for a few years, but I previously had the opportunity to work on Wall Street. I’ve been Downtown for over seven years now.

How did you get interested in motorcycles?
It started in my 20s. I stopped riding when I had my kids. I was riding fast motorcycles before, but I’m not that young anymore, so I decided to ride a Harley. It’s more a cruiser.

What advice do you have for people interested in riding in New York City?
You can have a motorcycle in New York, but don’t ride in New York City. It’s too dangerous. If you have the opportunity, you should just cross the bridge and get out.

How do you describe your biker style?
I like to look like a bad ass. It’s all leather. It’s a vest with patches, my tattoos out. I’m just a different person. People don’t recognize me on the weekend.

If you could ride your bike any- where, where would it be?

Photographs by Adrianna Favero
Interview & Styling by Charlotte Rose Coleman

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