Ladurée Bringing Heavenly French Pastries to SoHo

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The famed French pastry brand Ladurée is opening a second New York location in SoHo in mid January in the former Barolo space at 398 West Broadway.

The “biggest Ladurée in the world” will serve up three salons, a restaurant, a macaron shop, a full bakery, and a terrace.

The brand’s renowned owner David Holder will bring in chefs from the flagship Parisian location and recreate a similar menu featuring black-truffle omelettes and pan-friend foie gras. The macarons will be flown in each day from France.

The current Upper East Side location at 864 Madison Avenue is one of the most popular pastry destinations in the United States.

In celebration of the opening, the company is offering lucky customers the opportunity to taste a traditional French treat made in the way only Ladurée can.


Every January, French families come together to enjoy a a Galette Des Rois, which is a traditional “King’s Cake,” made of golden pate feuilletee filled with a sweet almond frangiapane.

The cakes are baked with a feve…which is a tiny porcelain luck charm that is nestled beneath the layers of puff pastries and sweet almond cake.

At serving time, the luck person who has the piece of galette with the feve is crowned The King or Queen of the event.

This year’s limited edition feves from Laduree celebrates the launch of La Belle at La Bete, Christophe Gans’ new film which revisits the great French fairy tale Beauty and the Beast and stars Vincent Cassel and Lea Seydoux.

The cakes become available today at Laduree Madison and are freshly made daily on the premises. Place an order today at 646-558-3157.

For more information about Laduree, please visit

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