La Maison du Chocolat “Easter Flight” Collection for a Decedent Easter and Everyday In Between

by | Mar 24, 2015 | Dining, Editor's Pick

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We had the pleasure of sampling this jet-setting goose in anticipation for Easter. He was delectable, different types of chocolate covered his exterior and, much to our delight, he even had a surprise assortment of chocolates hidden in his belly!

The delicious duck and his friends were crafted by master La Maison du Chocolat chocolatier Nicolas Cloiseau. They are poised to travel in their vintage aviation attire and covered in delicious details from their flowing scarves and buckled leather luggage.

What’s more is all of the chocolate figures are filled with more confections like dark chocolate and crepe praline eggs. This “Easter Flight” collection is perfect for any Easter basket or brunch. However the collections spring themes (birds migrating, spring vacation travel) would make it an appropriate purchase for any upcoming event.

La Maison du Chocolat is also hosting a tasting at each of their New York locations on April 1st, perfect for Easter candy sampling and shopping. Guests who come into the boutiques will be able to sample from a selection of delicious chocolates and pastries between 2 and 6 pm as well as enter a raffle to win a chocolate prize.

La Maison du Chocolat has several locations all over Manhattan and have signature chocolate collections, bars and pastries that make elegant gifts or delicious spectacles for any occasion. They have even more sweet Easter treats like chocolate bunnies, easter craquats and giant chocolate easter eggs. For various other occasions they also have boxes of chocolates and truffles ranging from 4-piece petite boxes to large assortments. Make sure to stop by their website to check out the chocolate collections and admire their seasonal chocolate creations.