Kat Cashmere: Sensible for All Seasons

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Photo: Courtesy of Kat Cashmere

Photo: Courtesy of Kat Cashmere



Photo: Courtesy of Kat Cashmere



Kat Cashmere is one of DOWNTOWN’s personal favorite stores in the Financial District! We love so many things about Kat Cashmere, but what we love most is that many pieces are appropriate for all four seasons. Since Kat Cashmere makes pieces that can be worn in more than one way, their clothing is appropriate for all times. Our CEO/Publisher, Grace A. Capobianco, loves all of the pieces she owns from Kat Cashmere. Her all-time favorite garment is the Black Cropped Sweater. This piece brings back a silhouette from the 80s with a more conservative and classic flare.

The Black Cropped Sweater can be styled in many different ways, especially with the versatility of its color and design. While Grace usually pairs this piece with a sleek black dress and patent leather stilettos, it can also be dressed down! The Black Cropped Sweater can be paired with high waisted jeans, a printed skirt, or even shorts for the warmer spring and summer days to come! The length of the sweater also allows for it to be appropriate for any season, another great feature!

This elegant cashmere piece is priced at $142.00, which is well worth it because of the amount you’ll be wearing it around Manhattan. It is a relaxed fit that falls two inches below the chest and is made of elegant Mongolian cashmere. The long sleeved and rib knitted will keep you warm in a cool summer breeze, but also fit beautifully under a parka or peacoat during the cold NYC winter. Kat Cashmere, and Grace, recommend folding this sweater versus hanging and storing it in tissue paper, to keep it looking as new as the day you purchase it. This extravagant and versatile piece should be hand wash or dry cleaned to maintain the softness and gentle texture.

If you are interested in more products go to www.katcashmere.com, especially if you want to see their new arrivals! Not a person who usually wears the color black? Lucky for you the Cropped Sweater comes in other colors as well!

-by Deirdre McAndrew

Downtown Magazine