JARDIN SECRET Ladurée x Bagatelle Pop-Up

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What do you get when you pair these two icons?

It goes without saying that if you want the best you have to learn from the best!

Ladurée, the 150-year old iconic French restaurant and teahouse, and the esteemed NYC French Bistro, Bagatelle have collaborated on a special pop-up.

Trust us, you will want to book right away, before its too late.


ARDIN SECRET Ladurée x Bagatelle Paring

Ladurèe 16 rue Royale

The Ladurée, history of Parisian tea rooms is intimately tied to the history of the Ladurée family. It all began in 1862, when Louis Ernest Ladurée, a man from France’s southwest, created a bakery in Paris at 16 rue Royale.

Louis Ernest Ladurée’s wife, Jeanne Souchard, had the idea of mixing styles. The Parisian café and pastry shop gave birth to one of the first tea rooms in town. The ”salon de had a definite advantage over the cafés, women could gather in complete freedom. At the time being a woman and able to gather was not what women of today have the freedom to experience.


ARDIN SECRET Ladurée x Bagatelle Paring

Elisabeth Raberin Holder Ladurèe Co-President USA


Ladurée’s refined atmosphere, laden with history, caught the attention of David Holder and his father Francis Holder, founder of the Holder Group.

In 2011 New York City was graced with the first Ladurée on Madison Avenue followed by the US’s first full restaurant and garden in New York’s trendy Soho neighborhood.

Since its opening in February 2014, the Parisian husband-and-wife team of Elisabeth Holder Raberin and Pierre Antoine Raberin has been running the iconic SoHo tea salon.

Holder Raberin’s family bought the original little Ladurée bakery on Rue Royale in 1997, but it’s been in Elisabeth’s blood long before that. “We used to go there for lunch every Saturday when my brother was studying in Paris,” she remembered and explained, “You don’t discover Ladurée, you grow up with it in France.”

“To this day the Ladurèe is a global institution and the best locale to indulge in dèlicieuse French cuisine, and pastries, in an ambiance vraiment française.” Grace A. Capobianco 

Two New York Institutions

Bagatelle, widely recognized as a Meatpacking District staple and NYC institution. This flagship location continues to thrive after nearly a decade in the neighborhood, reminding guests daily of the unique and magnetic ambiance that made it famous.

The esteemed restaurant destination was originally designed to reinvigorate the neighborhood and bring the European flare back to the Meatpacking District. Bagatelle continues to delight diners with unmatched service and outstanding seasonal cuisine.

ARDIN SECRET Ladurée x Bagatelle 

Founders of Bagatelle Aymeric Clemente & Remi Laba

Aymeric Clemente & Remi Laba the brains behind the Bagatelle Brand. Bagatelle came to life when these business partners, shared a desire to translate their previous experience in Hospitality in an environment that stood a lot closer to their idea of what a modern dining destination should be like, and was in line with their own aspirations. To them, Bagatelle is a lifestyle, a way of life, where Joie de Vivre is a constant driver.

Bagatelle has taken over Ladurée’s magical secret garden in the evenings and has created a mouth-watering, bespoke dinner menu. It includes several Ladurée specialties, and of course delicious desserts.


ARDIN SECRET Ladurée x Bagatelle 

The Cocktail Menu

ARDIN SECRET Ladurée x Bagatelle 

The Menu

ARDIN SECRET Ladurée x Bagatelle 

QRQ Menu

Ladurée and Bagatelle want diners to feel comfortable and enjoy a night out with unmatched service and outstanding cuisine.

Social distancing of six feet between tables, and the official restaurant health and safety guidelines are strictly enforced.

Could there be future seasonal pop-ups for the two brands? It’s certainly possible!

Ladurée Soho
76 Thompson Street

Wed – Sunday
646-392-7868 or Opentable

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