Interesting 2017 Valentine’s Day Insights From RetailMeNot

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Downtown Living

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, RetailMeNot has done some research on Americans and what they have planned for Valentine’s Day?

How followers RetailMeNot answered three V-Day-themed questions…

What would impress Americans on a first date?
· 54% say having a great sense of humor
· 50% say the way a date spends his/her money
· 24% say planning something cheap but thoughtful or fun
· 19% say paying for the whole evening
· 10% say going somewhere expensive/high end
· 8% say getting a great deal or discount on a date

Many single Americans would spend Valentine’s Day celebrating with others. In fact:
· 30% would celebrate with friends
· 28% would celebrate with family
· 19% would go on a date with someone new
· 11% would host a party

But for some, they prefer to spend Valentine’s Day alone:
· 29% would spend the day pampering themselves
· 23% would treat themselves to a nice dinner
· 21% would watch romantic comedies
· 18% would buy themselves a gift
· 13% would drink wine alone
· 9% would browse a dating website or app
· 6% would email or text an ex
· 5% look up their ex on social media


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