How to make your dream holiday a reality

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Travel

We all have a dream holiday in mind. Somewhere that’s been at the top of our wish list, seemingly forever. It’s that one place that you’ve been desperate to visit, but you don’t want to just rush a trip there, you want to make sure that everything’s perfect and has been well thought out. There’s nothing worse than being underprepared for something, especially if it’s something that you’ve been looking forward to for so long. So, here’s our advice on how to find the best holiday deals and make your dream holiday a reality.

Dream Holiday vacation

Do your research

Often places that people have always dreamed of visiting tend to be in far-flung destinations, maybe on the other side of the world entirely. What might be summer for us might not necessarily be summer for those destinations, so do your research to find out when is going to be the best time of year to visit. Not just for the weather, but maybe there’s a big event that takes place in the destination that you either definitely want to be there for or maybe you want to avoid? Research and planning is key to a dream holiday.

Save, save, save

There’s no point planning your perfect getaway if you don’t have the funds to make it happen. It’s never easy or as enjoyable when you have to do things on a tight budget, so start saving as early as possible and don’t even think about going until you’ve got enough. Put money aside int a separate savings accounts or even into a traditional piggy bank that you can’t break into, do whatever it takes to get those pennies to add up. Worst case scenario, if time is against you, you can always consider getting a loan.

Set up Alerts

If the prices that you’re seeing are still too high for your budget, then set up alerts on price comparison websites. That way, you’ll receive an email notification whenever the price drops to an amount that you can afford. It’s also worth noting that flight and hotel prices can show as more expensive at the weekends when more customers are sat at home and looking into going away. Instead, search for your flights and accommodation mid-week, when the prices are likely to be lower.

Treat yourself

If this is to truly be your dream holiday, then you’ve every right to make it as special as it can be. Don’t settle for the most basic option when it comes to booking your flight, accommodation and even the tours and excursions that you might do when you’re out there. If your money saving has gone to plan, then there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself to an upgrade, be it on your flight or at your choice of hotel. Dream holidays deserve a bit of luxury, so go wild and make it everything that you want it to be.

Travel with someone close to you

Solo travel is great and there are always plenty of incredible tours you can join in order to see your dream destination with others. But to make your trip even more memorable, then plan to travel with someone who means a lot to you, whether that be your partner, your best friend or a family member. Special adventures are best when shared with someone equally as special to you, so get someone else on board and plan and enjoy your dream holiday together.

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